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Why is LIFE so unique?
Some thoughts on terminology that I use in the blog.
What is Terminology Hijacking?
Thoughts on running down valid theology information.
The Earth is an analogy paradize.  It is in effect, layer on layer of educational analogies.
An answer shortcut.  How do you define the earth we live on?
How do you define the earth?  It is a type of living comic book.  It is a highly integrated classroom.
Jim Corbett;  an unlikely model student.
Video windows, Trojan Horses, Bozo Barricades, and growing up.
Growing up; sports cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles and associated lessons.
Growing older and processing the past.  Close calls and some observed disasters. A racing story with major lessons for anyone.
The evolution of Formula 1 racing.  My workshop.  Brooklands.  The amazing Cooper story.  
The amazing Cooper story.  Jim Hall.  Colin Chapman.  The Williams story.  Evolution v.s. Evolution**.  Common sense lessons under our noses.
Common sense lessons under our noses.  The Theory of Evolution** and the Time game.  We have Big Company on the island!  Footprints don't lie.
The lessons of the Ise of Man TT.  You can go anywhere and hang yourself there - you've always got more than enough rope!  And how priviledged we are!
The importance of LIFE and the sad performance of religion - let us be thankful for the physical world we have been given and for common sense.
Life is like a card game where no one has all the cards and no one has no cards. We are all in the game together and our actions impact everyone and vice versa.
Karachi - the brilliant illusionist.  Seems crazy but reality is equally as crazy!
Life, a backyard lesson, Enigmas, and the Bombe!
More Bombes and Trojan Horses.
A bit of a summary; Getting to the point on why I think that we are living in the Big School.  It is all good.  No matter how rough you find the classes, successful graduation is highly likely!
The Drunken Duck Hunt Approach to Clarity.
A Lego Trojan Horse Project.  "Encouraging children to explore, experience, and express their own world.  A world without limits.  And we are still convinced that only the best is good enough.  Because Children deserve the Best!"  
Where have I been and what is going on?  June 17, 2017  
An essay on "Common Sense".  Integrating science and the world we live in with the Bible.
Compulsory Vaccinations:  Your Name is on the Hit List!
Getting there:  Road Map vs Line of Sight.
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The way things are reflect a purpose and an Ingenius Mind!
A dollar rebel looked under his nose and let common sense make him a visionary in a confused world.
Simple so long as no one cheats!  Well - Forget that provision!
What, you may ask, is a Truth Virus or a Mental Vaccination?
Everyone is a winner and a loser, we are all in this together, and nothing good happens by accident.
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"Changes" - Positive motivations for an 
advanced and vital education.
Class of 2020 - on the Cutting Edge of Time!
The Maestro - A Lesson on High Speed Living
The Nitro Methane of Life - a two sex, hormone fired world is obviously designed so why are the theology thinkers as well as the secular thinkers seemingly unable to advance reasonable theories that explain the purpose of the complex and high impact feature of Life?  It's reality!  Why?  Here is a presentation that could well have a radical positive impact on the quality of your Life!
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