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Vital Terminology

Here is an important rehashing of terminology – vital terminology that this entire blog hangs on.

If the “Theory of Evolution**” is a fact, then this blog is a foolish spewing of words.

Why the two “**”?

Because the evolution** movement has hijacked legitimate words and attached another meaning that is a wild and foolish distortion.  And the ** symbol flags the mutant word as compared to “evolution” which is real and observable and closely connected to creativity and growth and positive progress.

Evolution is a process totally connected to Living minds and creative capacities.

Evolution** is an irrational fantasy associated with concepts like arriving at productive decisions using a roulette wheel or generating a strong economy with massive investment in gambling casinos.  The concept of having a siesta or playing video games and expecting your boss to happily pay you because your job is progressing so well due to your actions, might be another illustration.  The point is that positive things do not happen by chance and without a productive force.

And an even more immediate issue is that “life” is momentary and the smoke and mirrors concept of “evolution**” is necessarily linked to “eons”.  Life can’t wait for evolution**.  Huge amounts of time are not a friend of evolution** but rather an enemy.  Evolution**911 does not exist, and for good reason.  Both the concept of Evolution**911 as well as the larger concept of Evolution** are foolishness.

Even “inanimate” structures have similarities to life in that complex interrelationships are involved and time is an enemy of the integrity of those structures – wood rots, iron rusts, radiation decays, stars gradually die, the universe is running down.  Progress from complex to simple is a fact of matter and time.  Chance does not build.  Casinos don’t generate wealth – they eat up wealth as they do a job of taking from some and giving a bit less back to others.  The sum total is negative.

But evolution is vibrant and current and everywhere because there are Living minds and creative capacities everywhere.  The crunch question is “what is the root of all this evolutionary action”?

The same identification method is used on terms for other realities.  For example “natural selection” and “survival of the fittest”.  Both terms describe dynamic processes that are all around us but natural selection** and survival of the fittest** are again, hijacked terms that have no reality.

Think about a quality control agent.  If output from a production process is not according to the specifications of the designer, the product is removed from the factory output and either repaired or destroyed.  The quality control agent, in his current job, is not altering the design or turning Honda Civics into top of the line Acuras.  Natural selection and survival of the fittest are designed "quality control agents".  They keep the design up to spec but they never create some new super product.

Another evolution** concept, smoke and mirrors distortion, is to point to brilliantly designed adaptation mechanisms such as animals changing colour with the season or plants or animals adapting to different living conditions be it temperature or food supply - - - - and then to claim that such observable facts are illustrations of evolution**.  Such amazing mechanisms are not even evolution.  The design hasn’t changed any more than your computer controlled car changes when the temperature fluctuates and the car’s starting mechanisms adjust.  Your car isn’t going to become something greater than it already is.  But you have to admire the designer.  He or she did not achieve that adaptive design brilliance using a roulette wheel.

So the reason I use the “**” symbols is to point out that the word is a legitimate word that has been hijacked by a dingbat movement.  Evolution is real and vital and a vibrant creative reality.  Evolution** is a sick, non-existent concept with the future of some clown who swears up and down that you can make a living frequenting gambling casinos.

I will add too that “theistic evolution**” is a myth.  I see the term as a fuzzy admission that guidance is needed for positive development.  But true evolution does not work in a slow, almost imperceptible fashion.  It works in jumps.  Construction.  Testing.  Evaluation. Thought.  Redesign by a Living mind.  Construction. Testing.  On and on.  Ford cars do not gradually morph from the 1950 model to the 2015 model without mentally guided evaluation, redesign, manufacture, and application.  The concept of “theistic evolution**” is a gutless sidestepping of facing reality, in order to suck up to an irrationally popular myth.  Evolution is not gradual.  It shows up in steps with mental and creative effort in between.  Human innovators and designers aren’t invisible, wimpy, secretively manipulative agents of snail pace change.  Neither is the Boss.

We see physical growth in biologic entities, ourselves included and are conned into thinking that we are watching something akin to evolution** or even theistic evolution**.  But what we are watching is really a brilliant performance feature of an established design.  It isn’t evolution**.  It isn’t evolution.  It is a “right now model” brilliant design that is so complex and amazing that it is hard to comprehend that it can even exist.  We can make self inflating life rafts that go through a radical transformation.  We can make vessels that transform from surface craft to submarines.  We can make vehicles that blast down a runway on wheels and then transform into smooth, aerodynamic aircraft.  But in those cases we never entertain the thought that any sort of evolution is taking place.  The evolution took place before the current model of the product was manufactured.  The current design does its job.  And the submarine isn’t going to transform further into a seabed drilling machine nor the aircraft into an inter planetary spaceship.

Why not flash back to my section on “life” vs “Life” – existing vs thriving!  Then flash back to the story of Jim Corbett walking with his friend through the jungle in spring with the glories of the place and the moment swirling around them.  For student Corbett the experience was fabulous.  His mind was likely filled with “how” and “why” and Wow!”  For the friend, all he could see and feel was the difficult footing.  At any moment the marvels of Life and the environment in which our Life exists is like that jungle scene.  What do you see and feel and think about?  Do you dream about the pictures that are being played?  Are you “living” or are you “Living”?  And where will your approach lead?  Was Corbett’s evaluation of the situation accurate?  Why not reread his summary of his “two incident” comparison.  And what route did he feel was wise to take?
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What about the "Trojan Horse" term?  My claim is that life is full of recurring patterns, analogies, deja vu experiences, that put you through a pattern of action and thought that is a duplication of other patterns of action and thought but in different circumstances.  Once you have worked through the pattern, in effect you have set yourself up to understand another department or layer of Life.  And sometimes you are moved into a zone where, for any number of reasons, you don't want to be.  While in that zone, suddenly one of your Trojan Horse patterns is triggered and the Logic Troops that have hidden in your mind charge out and open a gate in your mental fortress.  Reality is revealed on the other side of the thick wall.  "How could I have been such a dumb ass" is a common reaction.  "Growing up" is associated with herds of Trojan Horse patterns - living a pattern but not understanding the lesson until later.  My contention is that everyone, at some point, will twig on the foolishness of the evolution** mirage.  Daily we go through Trojan Horse patterns that make a mockery of the concept.  At some point the Logic Troops will spring the gates of the thickest castle walls!

A further note on terminology.  I am obviously critical of what I loosely call “religion”.  But clearly I think that God’s reality is a no brainer and that God is associated with certain solid, clear principles and laws and approaches and methods.  I could, perhaps use the “religion” vs “religion**” terminology to indicate words that I feel are real compared to words that have been hijacked and given a different meaning.  I do not want to get too complicated nor perhaps subjectively picky.  But there is no doubt in my mind that humans have fabricated many ideas and approaches that are not supported by the Bible, and that many people equate these “religious” appearing matters as being connected to God.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky, a 19th century Russian novelist, in his youth was a bit of a hot headed, idealistic socialist.  He was arrested by the tsar and at 28 years was lead to believe he had seconds to live before being blasted by a firing squad.  But the “execution” was a brutal stunt and Fyodor went to a Siberian prison camp instead.  His “near death” experience changed his thinking greatly and he became cynical of theoretic dreamers who let ideas become more real than human lives.  Religion trumping Life would be an example of the principle.  The major aspect of the Christian Religion is that the Leader is alive and active.  He is not one of the current students.  He is an Ultimate personification of Life.  I think one has to keep their eyes open to detect when “religion” becomes a rogue concept that clashes with Life.  When religion stinks, likely it is due to being dead and old and associated with hijacked terminology.