We are all students and we are all helping each other to learn!  The wise learn from their mistakes.  The wiser learn from the mistakes of others!

When anyone does well, it helps others, and when anyone blunders – well – for better or worse, everyone involved learns something!  And it is pleasant and helpful, of course, if you survive!

All evidence indicates that the Earth is not just “a” school, but rather it is “The” School, and it is Big!
The Big School
This website is Geo M’s soap box, basically a blog, where I can blow off my opinions.  Good fun!  Hopefully I can stimulate, or rattle, and as with any student participation, learn as I spout!  If I bore, well, blogs aren’t like getting trapped by an air pump speaker or a dry teacher in a room where it is hard to diplomatically escape the tedium – click – gone!   But, I am confident that I have some very helpful angles to present!

Think of a broad description of the above photo.  It should be a description that provides a framework with which to accurately explain everything about this unique floating gem.  It should be a description that accurately explains everything that happens on and around the unique floating gem.

Francis Upton (1852-1921) was a brilliant mathematician who was hired by Thomas Edison.  Edison was a self taught man and somewhat critical of men like Upton who was a product of several good schools.  Edison lacked the math skills of Upton and realized that he needed someone with those skills.  He had gone head hunting and a friend recommended Upton.

Edison had a common sense practical wisdom that helped him achieve great things, many of which impact all of us to this day.  An incident occurred where Edison needed to know the volume of a multi curve glass globe that was being used in the chase to develop the electric light bulb.  He gave the problem to Upton who attacked with calculus and after a period of time provided the needed information.  Edison informed him that the volume could have been determined in a fraction of the time and proceeded to fill the bulb with mercury and then poured that into a graduated cylinder.  No doubt the younger Upton was impressed.  Facts were what they were both after.  Edison’s simple method delivered the goods – and quickly!

I feel that that incident is an analogy of many situations where people suffer analysis paralysis.  So often a situation looks incredibly complex but there is a simple approach that is overlooked in the rush to apply a complex solution.

And sometimes complexity, intentionally or even ignorantly, is used to create an illusion that shorts out simple common sense and grass roots experience.

Why am I convinced that the earth is best described as “The Big School”?  I would argue that the answer can be arrived at in a simple way, somewhat like Edison’s mercury trick.  I would argue that the answer is at the end of our noses and basically clubbing us over the head continually.  And once the simple facts are pointed out, illusionary tricks to distort the facts can be seen for what they are.

Consider the following illustration.

Most people do not see all of the Fs in the card, but once all six are pointed out, there is no denying that they are there and that some Fs were overlooked.  If you read up on how magicians and illusionists work, it becomes clear that they utilize failings in the human mind – I call them “bozo circuits”.  Certain circumstances will prevent us from seeing the obvious.  But once the card trick or other stunt is explained, then we will not likely be fooled a second time.  We can pick out the “twist” that initially fooled us.  The “magic” really isn’t a miracle, it is a well executed illusion that fools us into thinking we have seen something that “seems” to defy logic.

Now consider the photo of my front yard and the fields beyond.  Pick out the features in the photo that are not natural.  This is a test very similar to the F card challenge.

To my mind, my confidence in defining the planet earth, and the universe around it, for that matter, as “The Big School”, is closely associated with the answer to my question about the yard photo.  But before I lay what I see as the answer, on you, consider the following observations about Planet Earth.

Consider other potential definitions of the Blue Gem.  I have a few.  Likely you can think of others!

Is the earth and its contents a cosmic accident – sort of a Cosmic Casino of Chance?  And if and when the lights of the casino go out, that may be the end of the show, forever.  Is this view accurate?  Recently I heard a statistician point out that the probability of winning a 500+ million US lottery was comparable to getting struck by lightning while riding a bike while leading the Tour de France, or getting struck by lightning while being eaten by a shark.  What odds can you live with?  Do you feel lucky?
Cosmic Casino of Chance
Is it a Soap Opera Stage?  Is success measured by spectacular antics?  Are the rules that there are no rules, and that anything goes?  Just “DO it!”
Soap Opera Stage
Debate Show
Is it a theological or philosophic Debate Show?  Is it a venue for battles between opinions on the meaning of life and origins and life styles and customs?  Is it a contest to try to get others onto your band wagon?  Or to wipe them out if they don’t cooperate?  Is there an urgency to convert fools to “Truth” before it is too late?  Especially to Your brand of Truth!
Is it a shopping plaza where a rush for “things” is the game?
Shopping Plaza
Is it a Survivor Set, a toxic “small town” environment where everyone is out to exploit and manipulate and reform everyone else and the way to effectively fit in is to “get with the program”?
Survivor Set
Is it a Factory / Landfill site with similarities to the Fantasia “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” story where the brooms go wild at hauling water until they flood the place?  (see MFD – “Fantasia” – “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”  - Youtube.  Cute and profound!).  Demand stimulates supply and supply pressures for greater demand, and we are drowned or smothered by the result.
Factory / Landfill System
Is it a One Shot Driving Test where some applicants get all the breaks and others don’t have a chance?  Some common “after death” scenarios would seem to claim that such is the case.  If such is the case, we each had better get our act together and pass the test – but then, some might ask – for what purpose?
One Shot Driving Test
Ultimate Fight Arena
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This site is integrated with the more recent essays built on earlier material.  The page index gives you a summary of the site pages. I find it interesting that the site is rarely used as the material is so current and if considered, would provide a view of Life that is radically positive and at the same time amazingly simplistic and easy to verify.  The most recent material deals with the sexual division of humanity and was added to on February 23, 2020.