Is it an Ultimate Fight Arena where battles of some type are a constant feature?  Fighters and teams come and go, the crowds cheer, and the show goes on and on!
Ultimate Fight Arena (continued)
Some of these definitions, or a combination, or all of them, might apply.  If you apply any of them, you gain a world view which will have a great impact on how you explain things that you see happen around you.  Your view will influence how you see others and act towards others.  Your view will impact how you see yourself.  It will impact your view of the past and your view of the future.  We all want to make sense of events we see happen.  We all want to act in harmony with reality and not live in an inaccurate illusion that assures problems and likely failure.  Like a blind person, we would like accurate information on where the chairs and stairs are located – inaccurate information is a real problem.  Tripping or falling down a staircase can hurt!

I feel all these views of the world are educational but generally narrow and defective.  None come close to rivalling the broader view that the Earth is The Big School!
A digression -  Why are comic books easy and fun to read?  I think it is because they simulate real life.
Phil Ochs ( 1940-1976 ) was an American protest singer.  One of the songs he wrote was altered slightly and recorded and popularized by Gordon Lightfoot in 1966.  I suspect that Ochs wrote the song as a rationalization for dumping a girl friend but I also feel that the song, especially Lightfoot’s rendition, was an unintentional but brilliant description of the human life experience.  ( see Lightfoot – Changes – Youtube.  A beautiful song! ) For my current point, though, let me pull a couple of lines;

“And wander in my words, and dream about the pictures that I play – “

Life can be seen as being made up of words and images.  Life is generally interesting and exciting, in part because of the interacting mix of information input from words and images combined with our own mental workings – memory and experience - imagination – analysis – reaction – hopes - dreams!

On this website, I am using a type of simple comic book style – interjecting images with words.  I think it is a great descriptive method.  I think it transfers ideas effectively.  I think it helps to hold a reader’s/viewer’s attention.  Some of my pictures are quick and scrappy and not highly professional – but they quickly tell a story that I would have trouble putting into a short and interesting word package.

With a digital camera and the internet and a “do it yourself” website program, I think I have a tool kit that is great for self expression and communication.  So simple.  So effective.  So quick.  I hope you like it!

So I am asking you to “wander” in my words and dream about the pictures that I “play”.  I am copying Ochs and Lightfoot.  I am copying comic book style.  I am copying life!

My initial pages cover a Big topic.  There are many loose ends.  I will tie all those up as I go!