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Life - with a capital "L"

Why a capital letter on “Life”? 

This interjection page leaps ahead, some, and it may make more sense after a reader finishes the main section that this link is connected to.

But I still think the digression is important.  You can always return later.

So “Life”!  - - -  Why the “L”?  - - - -   To stress the unique, personal, marvel that we are dealing with!  We are not talking about a “natural” generic, ho hum, old hat, common, and thus, boring product.  We are talking about a tiny yet gigantic combustion chamber.  Perhaps you could call it a fusion chamber.   You have been given - - you ARE this amazing entity, where all of the experiences of the past and present are intertwined and focused like lasers.  A miraculous process occurs – and an individual and a mass future are constantly being generated.  Each individual future blends with countless other futures as well as with a great master plan to create a constantly new and exciting masterpiece - a great masterpiece made up of billions of personal masterpieces.  It is a “Right Now” process!  It is an “on the razor’s edge experience”!  What a privilege to be involved – what a disaster to not be part of it!  The capital “L” stresses the unique and immediate opportunity that each of us has.  The Experience is fresh, but with a type of expiry date.  It is all that any of us has.  And it is everything!  Look around you!  Think!  You exist!  Wow!  You are in control of the next moment!  And your actions are impacted by, and impact, all those around you!
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I see “life” as being a supposedly common reality that is sort of neat but seemingly so plentiful as to be boring.  The individual units are not differentiated from the whole.  The subtle details are not appreciated.  The term is used flippantly.  The concept is seemingly so old hat and taken for granted that many feel it “just happened by chance” and really wouldn’t be that hard to duplicate should the effort be expended.  And most of the time, each individual is lulled into a complacency as to their own status.  They see themselves as being blessed with a type of lazy immortality – sitting by a warm fire with a full stomach and being surrounded by friends and security.  Why do they not see themselves on a wind swept rocky cliff with a mile drop to a raging sea below and a huge hand about to push them over the edge.  Why do they not sense the gulf between everything and nothing?  For anyone who possesses life, right now – and considering what you should do with the Gift – it would be wise to think of it as “Life”!   - - - -  Capital “L”!

There is a lesson in considering the connection between “life and evolution**” and “Life and Evolution”.  One pair mutters “lethargic foolishness” and the other shouts out “Enthusiastic Excitement, Comprehension, and Appreciation”!  A lot of High Quality Work has gone into the development of the Opportunity that we are privileged to experience and enjoy!

Why get religiously excited about sin and redemption and the name of Christ and His sacrifice and resurrection if you have no broad appreciation of Life?  The same cynical remarks could be said for any other religion.  Unless Life has been put on the table and divvied out, these other concepts are meaningless.  All physical life is a tip of an iceberg.  Each human life has a staggering historic legacy that involves dramatic, guided Evolution.  Single or even multiple facet “religion” rarely comes close to accurately laying out a map of the genome of Life.  What we are part of is Planned and Old and Big and its future is Massive.  There are a lot of children swapping childish tales that have a few catch words that are indeed words from the Big Plan – but the kids really don’t grasp what is unfolding.  They sort of enjoy living but they don’t comprehend Life.  Appreciation of The Big School and appreciation of Life are closely linked.

Is cancer (a disease of modern culture) an instructive analogy?  Is Bob Dylan’s “rush hour now on the wheel and the plough” a description of Life threatening growth gone wild?  - A few cells of the whole going wild with growth and killing the larger organism?  - Foolish actions linked to a wild imbalance that is not conducive to long term Life?

Why the Big “L”?  I want to stress the Bigness of Life, its Connection to the Boss, its unique nature and its priceless value.  Don’t let ho hum acceptance of life being a given, blind you to the marvel that you are experiencing.  Life for a human is a costly gift and as a recipient, we automatically accept responsibility – failure to recognize that fact is the formula for losing everything.  But good news!  The Boss via the Big School is out to protect each of us from such short sighted foolishness!

There is far more to a "Life" than a ho-hum, meat based robo-computer.  Each of us is a miraculous "spark" with a temporary capability to exist and DO!  We constantly control the next moment, which is fueled by the past and the present and the future and we are at the controls of the spaceship, memory bank, processor, creativity cauldron.  What a Rush!  What a Gift!

I suspect many people see Life as something that happens someplace other than where they are currently standing.  A bad mistake!  It is easy to be living Bruce Springsteen's words "My soul checked out missing while I sat listening to the hours and minutes ticking away.  I was sitting around waiting for my life to begin while it was all just slipping away."