Truth Search  Key 4
Who has all the Right Answers?

(KEY 4*)    If you are puzzling over some of the concepts I am plugging and actually want to give them a chance and want to probe what supporting material is on the internet, keep a couple of points in mind.  I am convinced that any theology proponent who rejects the Biblically supported Sabbath law and the associated Holy Day observance system cannot appreciate what the Bible is out to convey.  At least not the overall push.  Scrap the laws and say goodbye to overall "understanding"  - Psa 111:10.  Usually rejection of these vital laws results in a viewpoint that in actual effect relegates the vast majority of humanity to the “tortuous fires of a perpetual hell” and at the same time provides very weak “explanations” or “apologies” as to why we seem to have so many people experiencing “hell on earth”, all at the whim of an apparently irrational and heartless Monster God.

If the commentator appears to be in support of these Biblical laws, then is he also afflicted with a “nickel plated dictator” attitude and believes that he is God’s man on earth and “The Watchman” or “The Prophet” or some other entity that everyone else needs, so that they too can be in the loop of the Chosen Few.  It amazes me how jerks manage to latch onto solid concepts and use the winning concept as camouflage for a personal agenda.  Are there Dollar$ or POWER OVER involved?  Are your dollar$ desperately needed to support this man’s noble cause, which of course is understood to also be God’s cause?  But if the guy simply puts forward good arguments or explanations and lets you walk away with any tidbits you are impressed by, free of charge and devoid of a membership card – well – great!

I am also impressed how I have picked up really valuable points and material from two bit operators who in many cases are basically one man shows.  They live with a huge plus - they owe no one anything and are not puppets and they are free to thumb their noses at the big system.  They aren’t dependent on a following such that they need to lick boots and hang with the party line.  I see the test as being “If they have a point and can provide solid evidence”, then they have as much credibility as some guy with a million+ followers who has likely become a tail being wagged by the big dog.

As I have plugged earlier, I feel that anyone and everyone has some of the cards of Life.  Zero value players simply don’t exist nor do flawless players.  Players large and small always have some good angles.  But the current society is amazingly integrated and if you are “Big”, you are almost certain to be playing by most of the rules of the Big System.  And the Big System, as in the “human Big System”, is arguably on the train track heading for the edge of the cliff.  The human Big System has many amazing perks but it is also like personified CO or CO2 – The oxygen of Life has been blended with a black element.  The result is colourless, and odourless.  It contains an element of Life.  It looks great!  It is really difficult to break free of.  But in effect it is a blocker of the oxygen of Real Life and a formula for eventual death.  To the observant mind, another brilliant flag – another credibility booster – another hidden “no brainer” statement – pops up in the Book in Rev. 18:4 – come out of her My people that you share not in her plaques.  Brilliant advice - but a very real challenge given the widespread nature and the stength of the addiction!
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