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Compulsory Vaccinations:  Your Name is on the Hit List!
The medical industry is in love with vaccinations; the associated social utility and business opportunities being simply amazing.  The principle, a type of copy of a “natural” process, obviously has a seeming desirable effect in many instances, as well as potential spin-off effects.  And, built on the confident assumption that life is a whimsical state that needs caring support from creative minds, a host of troublesome diseases have become application grounds for vaccinations!  Application normally comes without judgmental evaluation of the recipient’s life style details and history.  Where is there a greater, win/win, meeting ground for showcase compassion and $profit!  The concept appears to be an easy sell with huge individual and herd appeal!

An area of human affairs that I find fascinating and complex, involves the paradox of having many factual, simple realities in clear view yet seemingly invisible to most eyes and seemingly too complex for the same people - intelligent people - to understand.  If comprehension of Truth or Reality can be compared to a virus, it is as if many people are equipped with a natural immunity or have been given a very effective vaccination!

As is obvious from other material I have written, I have had an interest in the career of the Wright Brothers.  Years ago I picked up a library book on the pair and gave it a quick read and returned the book.  A couple of decades later I hunted for the same book on Amazon because I knew it told about a trick that Wilbur Wright had used to fool people into not noticing the 1904 Wright aircraft flying around while the brothers were furthering its development.  Talk about making a vivid, attention grabbing reality invisible!  But I hadn’t retained the details of how they achieved a feat which seems almost as amazing as their single handed mastering of manned flight.

Once I was able to secure and reread the book, and understand the brilliant deception that Wilbur engineered, I feel I was correct in thinking that there is an arguable connection to the “unseen reality under one’s nose” issue.  And I also feel that there is a strong and quite amazing analogical connection to the world of disease immunity and vaccinations. 

Who isn’t in favour of immunity to disease!  No one likes being diseased!  The polarized vaxer/anti-vaxer strife is to do with “how do you most effectively achieve immunity?” I have pondered this question and it strikes me as being similar to, but more complex than analyzing the movements of a ball in a large and elaborate pinball machine – multi facets spread over long time periods – really complex interconnections – but solidly framed within the Reality we all exist in.  Maybe it would be more accurate to talk about a three dimension pinball machine and to view Reality as encompassing the past as well as the present – I really think we are dealing with those broad parameters.

Now, if you have been trustingly sold a map that is misleading on major landmarks and characteristics of Reality, useful analysis becomes almost impossible!  And I have some thoughts on that problem.

The Wright stealth aircraft strategy?  A type of mental immunization that was tested and proven to work.  It was sort of a reverse immunization.  One where the “disease virus” could be seen as a positive effect from most viewpoints but as a negative effect to the “doctors” who engineered the technique.

How do you program the minds of a large number of observant people to not notice a highly unusual and extremely news worthy event?  Not just once, but repeatedly over two summer seasons.  And in their own backyard!  Because of the historic nature of the incident, it is easy to see how it was engineered, that it really did work, and why it worked.  No significant emotion nor arguments involved, due to this being past history with a long cooling off period.  But the value of the story is how the same dynamics are still active today and how the true story can stimulate thoughts on current affairs.

Here is how the scenario unfolded back in 1904 and 1905.  Wilbur and Orville Wright, very average guys who ran a bicycle shop, took an interest in figuring out how to fly.  From the start of the project, Wilbur was convinced that he knew the route to the goal and he dedicated himself to the daunting project using his own funding.  Orville then joined him.  It was a battle, as all ground breaking innovation is, and the brothers’ investment over several years was a concern – it was very important to them that they could see an eventual return on their investment.  Amazingly, their dollar expenditure was shockingly low but their emotional investment was huge.  Lots of other men were gunning hard for the same goal and the Wrights were convinced that they were following a simple but unique formula that others, with far greater economic resources, could quickly adopt, were they to see the connections to the progress the brothers were achieving.  Early research and development efforts occurred at remote Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, far from technical eyes.  True powered flight was finally achieved late in 1903.  The Wrights notified the press in order to stake their ground breaking claim but they intentionally gave few details in order to protect their technical lead in a race that they believed was ongoing.

Wilbur Wright, the real soul of the project, was convinced that to be saleable, an aircraft had to approximate a bird in being able to take off, manoeuvre in the air, and land without mishap.  Semi-suicidal, pogo stick type leaps were not practical flying.  And Wilbur knew enough about Research and Development to realize that rapid access to materials, tools, sub contractors, and even decent personal housing, was essential to push the project ahead.  So – a problem.  The logical development lab environment was hometown Dayton, Ohio.  But in a world where aircraft don’t exist, how do you make test flights without press coverage, photos, and unwanted technical eyes seeing what you have achieved and how?

So, from an immunization perspective, let’s think of accurately observing and evaluating Reality as seeing Truth and let’s view Truth as a virus that the Wrights wanted to prevent the press agents of the Dayton and Cincinnati area from being influenced by.  In the Wrights’ view, their little segment of Truth was a press agent disease that they did not want the press to catch.  Twisted logic, yes, but very logical to a goal oriented but financially limited Wright!

Wilbur was not only brilliant at systematically formulating a route to flight – he also understood human behaviour and the workings of people’s minds!  Let’s take the Truth virus, damage it slightly to degrade its virulence, inject it into the minds of the local press agents, and by our “vaccination” make them immune from catching the full blown “Truth virus”!  At the same time, we will try to minimize the viruses floating around and we will see if our two prong “disease” control tactics let us conduct our rather catchingly visible R&D without a “disease” outbreak.  The goal – we will conduct a press worthy super story under the noses of the newspaper reporters without them noticing!

And that is what happened.  The Wrights set up at an 85 acre cow pasture in a sparsely settled area just outside the city of Dayton, Ohio.  The pasture was owned by a banker named Huffman.  A trolley route ran past but the trolley schedule was predictable.  No flying at certain times of day.  Tall trees along two sides of the pasture gave some visual protection.  There were only a few neighbouring farms and the farm folk were not technical spies.  But the sight of a flying aircraft in 1904 is going to impact just about anyone and some stories are going to spread.  A true UFO!  Thus, the immunization play to kill those few errant viral escapees.

On May 25, 1904 the Wrights invite as many area press reporters (at that time, the eyes and ears of the world) as are interested – quite a few – to Huffman pasture for a flight demonstration.  Wilbur tinkers and waits for the right wind conditions and the press agents wait around.  The plane is trundled out – no photos allowed but definite interest – the engine is started – intense interest – the plane slides down its launch rail – eyes are glued – and the plane flops off the end of the rail onto the ground – engine not working right – will you come back tomorrow?

The next day is basically a repeat performance in front of fewer press agents.  A 30 foot “flight” – basically another flop – engine still not working correctly.  Will you come again when we have the problem solved?  The press agents leave and publish stories of the lack lustre experience for all to read, near and far.  The reports were not unkind, but nothing to get readers excited nor optimistic.  Were the failures real?  If the Wrights weren’t bluffing, why were the press agents never notified again?  Wilbur correctly speculated that rumours of actual flights would be ignored.  No newspaper reporters showed up until the end of 1905, after the Wrights had utilized two summer seasons to sort out how to truly “fly”.  They were now in a position to sell a practical aircraft.  Dozens of spectacular flights had occurred during that time, unreported and unobserved by the press.  A significant disease outbreak did occur in print around October 4,  1905 after two trolley cars worth of observers saw the plane flying and a deluge of excited “viral” stories reached the local newspapers.  But the Wrights had the plane in storage when a resulting crowd showed up at Huffman pasture, only to be greeted by cows and some horses.

Were the Wrights totally honest?  Did they have an obligation to be?  They gave the world “practical flight”sooner than anyone else and realized a financial return for their dedication.  But think about their brilliant tactics.  The press folk were suspicious that the Wrights knew how to fly due to reports from Kitty Hawk, but they were unsure.  No wonder.  Attempts and spectacular failures were common place.  The Wrights were somewhat secretive.  The May 25/26 press showing displayed some Truth in the form of the plane which seemed to have flight potential.  The press expected a “flight”.  Wilbur knew it could be done.  But then the twist came into play.  The flopped flight attempts and the associate explanations did not illustrate Truth.  The Wrights could have achieved a type of simple “flight” that would have delighted the press and would have attracted anyone interested in the exciting and new endeavour which many sensed was on the edge of emerging.  But the brothers intentionally mislead the press agents and jaded their interest in the Wrights and in flight.  Truth would have to clobber the local press over the head before reporters would risk wasting more time going to the trouble of visiting Huffman pasture. 

Current Wikipedia states “In years to come, Dayton newspapers would proudly celebrate the hometown Wright brothers as national heroes, but the local  reporters somehow missed one of the most important stories in history as it was happening a few miles from their doorstep.”  James Cox was the publisher of the Dayton Daily News at the time and he eventually became governor of Ohio.  Years later, he admitted to the attitude of the newspapermen, and the public.  “Frankly, none of us believed it.”

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Once men latch onto a concept, it is amazing how they can get into it, analyse it, and develop it.  Vaccination technology is an example.  Putting a man on the moon.  Developing amazing weapon systems.  Our creative abilities seem endless.
The Wrights fly just outside of Dayton, Ohio, doing the incredible yet not being noticed.  Look at this photo and realize that this is the only aircraft in the world at that time capable of approximating the performance of a modern aircraft.
Read up on vaccinations and the polarization of those who are for and those who are against is amazing.  How can such diverse viewpoints come about in the same world?
An image to stress my pinball machine analogy.  A really complex interaction situation and the time element that must be factored in makes for even greater complexity.
The Wrights funded their flight research via their bicycle business.  The popularity of bicycles at that point in time not only gave them business income but impacted their understanding of aircraft control.
A newspaper entry from late 1903 that created a bit of press interest but was soon forgotten, in large part due to the calculated moves of Wilbur Wright.
Huffman pasture as it appeared in 1904 / 1905.
A trolley similar to the one that passed close to Huffman pasture and provided the Wrights with a ride to their hanger.
The unspectacular May 27, 1904 newspaper account.
The virus strikes;  the October 4, 1905 newspaper article that signalled the end of the Wright's stealth flying success.
James Cox became governor of Ohio and ran for President of the United States.  No fool.  But his newpaper missed out on a great story during the time he was managing its affairs.