Page 19
As of laying this note down, it has been close to two years since I touched the Big School website.  The day to day details of life swept me away and public demand was not pressuring me to return.

My son became involved in a miniscule publication effort that produces material for a somewhat narrow stream of religiously oriented folk and I had an opportunity to generate an article for use in that project.  As you might sense, if you have read the first 18 pages of this website, I have a love/hate relationship with the world of religion.  I feel that there are many religious and many secular folk who lack what I see as "common sense".  They pursue a thought and action style that seems to ignor many simple yet important facts that I feel that they should be able to see and then react to.

I was finding it difficult to keep at generating a flowing thought thread for this website, so this page is to explain a change of style.  I am going to use the next few pages to display the article I have just mentioned.  There is a lot of repetition in the article when compared to the Big School website.  It is a type of condensation and a lot of underlying points that are dealt with in the website are taken as given, largely because the audience members for the essay are, for whatever reason, sold on the thought that God exists and is a major player in their lives.

Because of the topic focus, it is much easier to generate material, and in the interest of giving the article exposure and adding to the Big School website, I am going to fly with this change of direction for a period of time.  Page 20 is the beginning of my "Common Sense - Is that God shouting in my other ear?" article.  The original version was all print but on my own website, where style restraints are wide open, I will attach photos with digression notes that are linked to both the body of the essay as well as to the individual photos.

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