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The Bombe provides the focus.  The simple message is - - - we are in The Big School!

Here is a blunt scenario.  It is not hard to find brilliant Biblical support for the scenario.  The internet stands ready.  Check at the end of your nose for analogies.  Yow!  What a surprise!  There seems to be a lot of fathers and mothers and children and reproduction and interaction between individuals who are all in the soup together on a very small world.  There are elder brothers and first born individuals in large family strings.  There are lots of male and female humans with a variety of features but a yawning gap between humans and any other form of life.  Roulette wheel evolution**?  If you can’t observe the odds then don’t think your calling is to be an effective gambler!  Who made this setup and why? 

Evolution** has become touted as fact.  Thousands of books have been written in favour of it and “exploring” it. Thousands of studies of various topics are carried out and built on the supposedly factual basis of evolution**.  Thousands of people have no doubt as to its factual, if misty, reality.  But clearly observable realities under our noses tell us it is as crazy as perpetual motion machines or “dynamite/print shop/ dictionary” scenarios.  Nice theory presentation – brilliant smoke and mirrors utilization - but common sense foolishness.  And if you think it is a fact, your thinking is into an orbit that disconnects you from understanding.  Even if the viewpoint becomes the popular norm, it is still common sense foolishness and a silly illusion.

In the theology world the concept of the trinity has become a popular norm.  Why?  How does the concept connect with the reality of our real world?  How much Biblical support is there for the concept?  Do Acts 17:27 , Rom. 1:20, or Col. 1:15 indicate a disconnect from observable reality?  If you claimed that you could be in more than one location at the same time and that if one of your “apparition entities” got killed, there would be no effect on the other, people listening to you would relegate you to the dingbat department.  But in the theology world, such a concept seems to convince large numbers.  Do you see a worrisome pattern unfolding?

Just like the 6000 year theory, there is plenty of theology material available at a mouse click that makes a mockery of the trinity theory and illustrates how a few Bible scriptures have been hijacked to supposedly fit a predetermined, wild, flight of fantasy.  Why should the God who designed you and the system you exist in be out to fool you as to your connection with Him?  Are we made in His image or not?  Is the situation as wild as a man trying to relate to a dog?  Does the Human Manual indicate otherwise?

Here is my simple read on the setup.  I am playing the part of two bit Bob TTT and simply stating ideas that I, in most part, picked up from others.  But these thoughts are in part linked to my own observations and reasoning.  I think that they make sense, based on common sense – ie – based on the experiences we have in the intricately designed environment in which we exist – an environment that clearly was designed and constructed by The Boss.

I think God is eternal.  I don’t understand the concept.  I am sure you share my wonderment.  But I can’t see any alternative.  I don’t think there is any alternative.  It is generally accepted that the physical universe, though super old, has not been around forever nor will it be around forever.  It is winding down.  But it is designed and constructed and I see no explanation for that other than an eternal Boss.

I think the Bible is the only real and clearly reliable info connection we have to the Only Mind that Knows all the angles.  I really don’t trust a bunch of guys who aren’t really that much smarter than I am and have a ridiculously short heritage vs The Boss.  Human tradition, if it clashes with The Book, doesn’t impress me.  You know and I know how urban legends and small town gossip build into generational monuments.  Common sense at work.  The din of theology “stories” is no different.  On important matters you go for an authoritative source, not hear-say.  Especially hear-say that has had hundreds or thousands of years to get screwed up, recycled, and inbred.

Christ and Satan are clearly two major players in The Book.  Who are they?  What is their connection?  Are they Eternal into the past?  Are they Eternal into the future? What is the significance of each of them vs The Boss?  What does the “God is One” concept mean?  What is the agenda of each of these three entities?  What is the agenda of The Boss?  Is Satan a real personality who lives and influences the world we live in?  What about Christ?  Is He active and having an impact on day to day events on Planet Earth?  What is the history of Satan and of Christ?  The Book deals with the personality of each.  Why does the Boss put up with a bad-ass like Satan?  Is The Boss really The Boss?  Was Satan created by the Boss?  Was Christ created by the Boss?

When the Bible talks about “In the beginning”, (Gen. 1:1 as well as John 1:1) what is the meaning in each case?  What sense does the concept have in an eternal context where there is no beginning?  So why is the term even used?

To repeat; I do not think these really important questions can even be stabbed at without a familiarity with the Biblical Holy Days which clearly outline what the Boss is out to achieve.  The Bible is stacked with analogies be it the story of Joseph or the story of Ruth or the history of Israel and their Egyptian experience.  No wonder the physical creation is loaded with analogies – same author and designer.  If you have a good design, fly with it!  Analogies, especially analogies that you LIVE, are the ultimate education tool.  Layering and progressive revelation – the physical world or the Bible – both show the same characteristic.  And the Holy Day system is another illustration of an analogy or a Trojan Horse.  And the Holy Day system is a powerful Cryptologic Bombe.

A Bob TTT style summary;  God, The Boss, wants Quality company.  As soon as you have more than one entity you automatically have a challenge – and that challenge is “getting along”.  There are ways to make it work and there are ways to screw it up.  But if you want freedom and real personality vs a robot/slave/puppet/zombie/serf/pet, there is the risk of company becoming “bad company”.  Very effective parental education is essential.  I think there is good reason to think that Satan and Christ were both created by the Boss and that they were essential twins.  Pioneering twins.  Certainly not mainline thinking!  But that is little Geo’s take.  (The internet stands ready!)  The older twin went bad.  The younger was a good kid and matured and proved to be a Winner.

I know a family personally where there were two sons and the older “went bad”.  A tragic story that is easy to connect to.  I am sure the father in that case has spend many sad hours wondering what went wrong and what he could have done differently.  The younger son is a relative winner – a good guy.  I do not think that very human example is all that different from the experience of The Boss.  I think the Boss has confronted a bad experience and, not being a fool nor a “sit and mope” sort of personality, He is dealing with the reality.  And He isn’t a tyrant robot builder – He wants free associates who know how to get along as stimulating individuals.  Free but truly moral individuals!  Not selfish dumb-ass jerks!  Educated personalities who have the smarts and experience to know how you have got to Live if you want things to go well for you and for those around you – forever!

When did Satan’s experiences and Christ’s experiences take place?  The Bible doesn’t say a lot but it says enough to give major dots that need to be connected.  Why don’t the “everything in 6000 yrs” folk look at those dots and rapidly twig on Genesis 1:2 being linked with a world where dinosaurs and lots of other living creatures could no longer live.  The Bible is full of history that most theology folk ignore, just like many ignore the obvious age of the earth and of the universe.

The Bible indicates that humans have really had minimal contact with The Boss, but rather we have dealt primarily with Christ who himself has achieved a state of having Life intrinsically in himself.  Satan, it would seem, has solidified his position as a loser and will eventually be destroyed.  He has truly precipitated a lot of “hell” and is still very active.  But he has been allowed to hang around for a reason.

Apart from the lessons of the Holy Day system, notice how the Bible is loaded with tale after tale of the older son or older twin going bad and the younger doing well.  The repetition of the pattern is almost boring.  Is there a reason for the repeating scenario?

So the setup is this;  Christ is not only the creator of mankind, He is also the Savoir of mankind.  He is also billed as the “first born among many brethren” or as “an elder brother”.

The Bible is loaded with illustrations of a type of programmed “dumb ass blindness” and also is loaded with references to more than one “resurrection”.  The sons of Jacob, Israelites, were sent for home after their first, unrecognized, meeting with their brother Joseph.  Simeon, meaning “to hear in an intelligent manner” was held back.  On the second meeting, it became clear who the group was dealing with.  Prior to that point they were deaf and stupid asses.  But Joseph made it plain to them that the idiocy was programmed and that a greater plan was under way and that the brothers shouldn’t be too upset at their blunders. (KEY 1*)

The Boss and Christ have an ace up their sleeves – resurrections.

How hard a job is it educating children as to what approaches lead to success and what approaches lead to ultimate failure.  Life is ideally LONG and blunders at the embryo stage can lead to terrible birth defects down the line.  God wants educated children who will grow towards being more and more like Him and He knows a lot about spiritual genetics.  Satan clearly started out well but gradually went bad and a wrecked earth and universe was a result.  Such was a risk of power and freedom – and a truly negative and grim story was burned into reality.

I was impressed to see the sedimentary rock on mars, revealed by the lander in its travels on that planet.  Mars clearly had some sort of liquid on its surface.  What happened to it?  Whatever happened must have been drastic.  The refurbished earth is like a blue gem in a universe of battered cinder-like bodies.  Physical reality speaks of historic chaos.  So does the Book.

Learning comes from Living and interacting and Doing.  But where is justice and fairness?  Why didn’t the sons of Jacob get their asses unmercifully kicked for being such monsters with their brother Joseph?  Because they were in a school setting.  And because they were playing Trojan Horse to all the rest of mankind.

I am very suspicious that every generation sees a steady stream of artistic expressions that are unknowingly inspired by God.  I think it is unwise to get too excited about items that one feels are inspired but often such pieces can serve as good “talk” items and illustration items.

One such item was mentioned earlier in this blog.  The Phil Ochs / Gordon Lightfoot song, Changes.  Consider the first verse of the song again.

Come, Sit by my side,
Come as close as the air.
Share in a memory of grey.
And wander in my words,
And dream about the pictures that I play,
of Changes.

I have no idea what Ochs meant by the “memory of grey” but as an accurate description of each of us experiencing Life and The Big School, the song is a classic.  We find ourselves plunked on this beautiful little globe where everything is geared to educate us.  We need to learn about bad-ass thinking and where it leads without getting nailed to the wall for our rotten style.  Satan could have been simply destroyed when he spun out but, instead, he was put into a state where he could create trouble without causing a fatal illness in humans.  The memory of his crash isn’t black.  It certainly isn’t white.  It has been made grey.  It has a positive purpose in conjunction with its black side.  It is like a childhood vaccination that will prevent a fatal disease later if life.  Satan is currently like a sidelined disease organism in a vaccination shot.  He is free to create “hell on earth” via influencing human thinking.  God, be it the Boss or Christ, has created a school where we can wander in teaching analogies that cause “changes” which are simply moves forward in the educational process.

God is a stickler for perfection and justice and the combination of Christ, the creator, dying (prior to being given intrinsic Life), on behalf of the humans He was involved in creating, plus the critical resurrection card, provides the educational masterpiece that we are all involved in.  There are convincing arguments around that the failure rate in The Big School is going to be amazingly low.  But there are also good arguments around on how you can get through the school with minimum or maximum hassle!  The reports on the exciting class “Who needs God – I am happily in control, thank you!” would indicate that students in that specialty class need to hold onto their chairs.  They are in for an exciting ride and will achieve a lot of dramatic learning!

I mentioned earlier about the inspiring funeral I had attended where a grandson was talking about his grandfather.  The grandfather was generous and thoughtful and complementary to achievement but also ready to kick you in the ass if you were being a fool.  A good guy and a valuable success agent to have contact with.  Somehow gramps had learned Godly traits!  Cancer cures smoking.  The sun keeps a remarkably accurate schedule every day.  Cause and effect seem locked in step.  The Big School is well designed.  The Boss is the ultimate Gramps.

So that is my take.  To summarize;  God is truly a Father who values freedom and opportunity in conjunction with family unity – and if you exist in the long run, you will be in The Family.  And you will be educated in knowing how to get along with all Family members.  God has had a setback in past and the present is impacted greatly by that event that likely was a simple reality that could not be prevented without inhibiting freedom. He wants to avoid repeats and is in action on the issue.  The situation is Huge and the implications of success or failure are Huge and God is out to maximize the opportunity for every living person by creating a schooling system that is a masterpiece for everyone.

To tie up my personal story, once again, how did my Enigma Box and Decoding Modules project relate to the Big School?

The Enigma Box illustrated how the issue of “understanding the complexities of Life” was like confronting a very complicated Enigma machine and its associated coding.  The only way to crack the Enigma was to utilize a Cryptologic Bombe, in the same way the Ultra group did at Bletchley Park during WWII.  They were able to drastically reduce the options that needed to be checked out and get the problem down to a humanly manageable level.  Then, once the code had been cracked, being able to read the machine output proved that the effort had delivered the goods.

The struggle to convert the rather complex plans for my Decoding Modules into a hardwired, working product illustrates how we need to apply our theories and DO them to test to see if the theory actually works.  Seeing logical German writing come out of an Enigma Machine crack or seeing your module plan actually producing an exciting game experience for a group of clients assures you that you are in touch with reality.  You don’t get there instantly.  You bang your head on the wall - on the Realities.  But each breakthrough in the world of Doing, opens the doors to a new and deeper level of understanding.  The Book is in layers and in bits.  The world around us is in layers and in bits.  Here a little.  There a little.  Using intelligent simplification tactics, a desire to learn and to act on what is learned, Doing; all are needed to excel in the Big School.  The Boss isn’t too concerned about students launching into orbital flights of fantasy.  The Big School is so Big and well designed that it is impossible to escape the lesson outline and all the integrated analogies and Trojan Horse mechanisms.  But there are harder and easier ways to learn!  The Boss has stated “I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life!” The Boss likely knows the wise route!

Why do I believe that we live in a Big School?  When I apply common sense to my experience at Life I Know that evolution** is nuts and that we are on an island with a Big Boss who has laid down a lot of huge footprints.  When I look around I don’t waste too much time asking “how?”  The “how” is obvious.  A Great Mind and creative capacity!  I have the wit to instead be mainly interested in asking “why?”  Again common sense guides me to see ways of focusing the search for answers given that torrent of big questions.  Perhaps due to good luck more than good mgt I have blundered on some of those common sense tactics.  Ask the Boss rather than some other bum on the street who is as mortal and ditzy as I am – suddenly the options shrink and it becomes clear that a manual has been provided for the human machine.  Our amazing, individualized, synthetic kick at Life fits into the Manual and the Plan.  We are learning to avoid being jerks and to be winners who get along fabulously with other winners.  We have at least two Big Role Models with a Model Connection between Them. We are in The Big School.  And when we graduate we will have what it takes to have a constantly expanding creative career.  Where that will lead for each of us – Wow – who knows – but the basics will be in place and the positive and expansive future is about as incomprehensible as eternity.  An exact degree isn’t a big issue.  When you achieve a degree from The Big School, you can then do anything you want!

Jumping back to my Isle of Man page – Twist that throttle and make those exhausts talk.  Pop that clutch.  Make that tire burn.  Lean into the first corner. And read the road conditions ahead with prudence.  Live!  Do!  Learn!  Enjoy your School Days!