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The Lego Trojan Horse
Relax and learn like a child, and your success is assured - eventually.  As your experiences in Life progress, at some point, you will be able to put all the pieces together into an amazing integrated whole!

"Encouraging children to explore, experience, and express their own world.  A world without limits.  And we are still convinced that only the best is good enough.  Because Children deserve the Best!"  (This is a motto of the Lego Company)

I have a simple toy construction project that arguably, if taken seriously, will provide a success framework for your life.  My contention is that if you appreciate the exercise immediately, the dividends will start flowing in immediately.  If you don’t fully appreciate the exercise, the dividends will still be accumulating but not as dramatically.  And you won’t really get the material payoff until you do fully appreciate the exercise.  But I think it is inevitable that you will appreciate the exercise at some point!  So don’t worry.  By simply living, and ignoring this valuable project entirely, it is almost a certainty that you are going to eventually be a winner!  But here is an exciting chance to get one leg up on the success ride, a bit quicker!

And I am very confident that I do not fully appreciate the project myself.  But I am advocating that I appreciate it more than many.  It is sort of a “one idiot instructing a less knowledgeable fellow idiot” situation!  We all have areas of insight that others overlook – I like to think I have something to offer to many “fellow idiots”, regarding this facet of Life.

This project illustrates the classic style of the Big School.  The Lego Trojan horse that is going to be constructed is a simplistic copy of an infinite number of simple and complex mechanisms that bombard every living person on the planet, every moment of each person’s wakefulness.

The Lego motto is a plagerization – likely unintentional.  It is clear that “The Boss” was there first with the concept, and with the hard goods!  The amateur “come lately” imitators simply flatter and highlight the brilliance of “The Boss”.  The sun rises on time - always.  The laws of chemistry and physics are crazy stable and predictable.  The playground even cleans itself up unless the kids are really hellers.  The “ABS” in the Big Lego Set just endures and endures through play session after play session!  The bricks snap together consistently and the projects to build are endless!  The natural beauty and bed rock stability of our playground indicates we have been provided with “The Best”.  Wow!  Tough to argue with our vibrant and challenging Reality!

I would claim that the following questions and benefits are closely associated with the Lego Trojan Horse project.

** How does the understanding of the information incorporated in the Lego Horse project impact how you get up in the morning and attack the day?  Does this understanding allow you to get far more out of every minute of Life?

** Does the Lego Horse provide you with a road map to guide you through the day vs simply heading out on a “trip” with no idea where you are going?  What turns and stops and starts do you need to make in order for the “trip of the day” to get you to a desired location?  Do you end the day much like a cork that has been blown around by wind and currents that are beyond your control?  Or are you like a speedboat with power and steering and navigational equipment guided by a captain who has an intelligent purpose above simply being out for a joy ride?

**  If you incorporate the lessons built into the Lego Horse project I would contend that you will be a better person for others to interact with, have the increasing capacity to be at peace with yourself inside your own skin, be less likely to develop mental problems or become suicidal, and increasingly become more efficient at building up LIFE capital with regard to information and experience that will enable you to function effectively.  You will be increasingly able to determine wise goals and have the tools to achieve them.

Here is a scientific experiment that a child or an adult can perform, time and again, with totally consistent results.  You don’t need special training or some type of degree or license.  You don’t need to pay tuition or a membership fee.  You can do this, safely, in the privacy of your own home.  And you aren’t getting dragged into a cult or hooked on a dependence drug.  The benefits are like water or air – totally vital, but all around you, and there to use.  And the pay off is exciting and is of infinite personal value.  Winning a huge lottery is inconsequential by comparison!

Before we get started, let’s consider an important point that will be used in this project.  If this relatively simple material confuses you, you may have trouble with the larger project and you may need to simply experience life for a while, before you attack the project with a hope of success!  Getting kicked around by life has a way of hammering common sense principles into one’s head!

What is this?  Common Sense?   The exercise can be viewed many ways but the experience of living tells you that this expression makes sense.  You can relate to it because of your day to day experiences from as far back as you can remember.

Or do you have a reaction that isn’t mainstream?

-     Many answers are possible!  Really, anything goes.
-This makes no sense – the exercise appears meaningless.
-It could equal almost anything.
-3!  I tell you!  I KNOW that it equals 3!  The answer 2 is rubbish!
-I am certain it is 5!  Or it could be 16.
-This is a trick.  You are trying to back me into a corner.  You are an underhanded manipulator!  I am going to fight this attempt at defining logic every step of the way.

Hopefully, before we start playtime, you have a sensitivity for the difference between common sense and nonsense and want to consider the points being made rather than locking onto a mindset that to you is a “given” no matter what the evidence is to the contrary!

Before getting into the Lego Trojan Horse, let’s look at a bit of a complication with the “simple logic” / “common sense” example that has been given.

The world is truly like an onion with layers of structure and information incorporated into it.  Poke anything, anywhere, or tug on any thread, and you are into the “wool sweater unravelling” challenge.  One observation always leads to other observations.  The unravelling thread never ends.  The Lego Trojan Horse project will illustrate this reality as does the 1 + 1 = 2 illustration.

Consider the following equation.  It is a bit different than the first example.  Is it still accurate?

We will be using the kitchen table or kitchen counter for our experiments and construction projects.  If the two Lego bricks are laid out in the initial pattern, what will it take to get them into the second pattern?  If you and I sit on either side of the kitchen table and watch the Lego bricks but don’t touch them, how long will we have to wait until the “sum items” transform from the side by side position to the locked X position?  - - - - - - - - You know and I know that we will sit until we have to eat or sleep or go to the bathroom.  And the process will go on day after day until we get old and die and the house gradually collapses from shingle failure, water damage, and wood rot.  There is something missing from the equation.

In a way, we could save time by scrapping the Lego Trojan Horse project because the writing is already on the wall with our simple “common sense” illustration and experiment.

Truly we are immersed in a huge Lego type system with building blocks everywhere.  That point will be clarified as we grind through this experiment. 

Here is a photo of an assortment of Lego parts that are an echo of my children having grown up, moved away, and their past toys being stored on a shelf in the basement, waiting for grand children to arrive.  These parts are not going to be transformed into anything more complex than what you see unless certain missing elements in the equation are added.

This is truly a “LIVING” experiment and illustration.  And Life involves brains and in the case of Human Life it involves a brain and hands and a personality and mind – animals are very close to robots – spectacular robots, for sure – but oh so far removed from human personalities.  We humans have robot like features and an impressive meat-based brain too, but we have a “fire power” factor that is unique.  Animals have amazing brains but even the simple task of assembling that Lego X would be a hit or miss trick for the most capable animal unless it was laboriously trained (programmed) by a thinking human.  The design effort and organization and work that went into providing those Lego parts is huge – much more impressive than a person snapping a few bricks together – but even that simple X made from 1 brick + 1 brick is never going to happen without a brain and hands.  And it could be argued that feet as well as a foundation for the feet to stand on, are also important facets of the equation.
When my children come home or grandchildren visit and there is reason to haul out the Lego storage box, then things will happen.  But without Living Personalities in the mix, those Lego parts might just as well be melted into a plastic cube to reduce storage space.  Nothing is going to be built without the involvement of a creative mind and manipulative capacity.

Are we still on the same page?  Have you just been subjected to points that do not qualify as common sense?  Do the previous sentences jive with your experiences to date as a living individual?  And I realize that some statements may push your boundaries, even if you don’t have a clear explanation why – other than “I have been told differently” but let’s push on.  If you feel like launching missiles, I am preparing my Iron Dome!

A slight twist coming up here.  I have plugged the Lego Trojan Horse but the parts you see in the next photo are, instead, going to yield the Lego Trojan Mule, or Jackass – the Horse will come a bit later.  The Mule illustrates a fabulous human trait of being able to combine genius with stubborn stupidity – an amazing feature that allows each of us to build a type of internal strength without actually getting any work done – sort of a muscle head feature!  Two factors push and pull on each other to produce fire but no heat – a type of mental muscle but no positive movement.  Amazing!
Note the jumbled mass of Lego parts.  How could this exact assortment be assembled such that when we are done, every part is used and has a purpose?  Where does the planning power come from to know where we are going as assembly takes place?  How might we get from this jumbled mass to the following photo of the exact same group of parts?
Just as with the 1 plus 1 equals X challenge, a job that took me moments, the pictured organization simply would never have happened had my brain and hands not been involved.  A common sense, obvious, example such as we see moment by moment through any and all of our average days.  Consider the mega lessons a little builder is learning - but hey - we are all little builders - can we see the lessons or might we simply gripe that our fingers get sore putting the parts together?   Now notice the following development.
Getting that gear on the shaft is not a simple job.  A very young child might find it hard to do.  The parts are made with huge expenditure of R&D behind the design and manufacturing methods such that the specially formulated plastic stands up to repeated assembly and disassembly while maintaining a very solid grip between the gear and the shaft.  As a result it takes considerable force to put the two parts together.  Difficult for little hands and muscles and a young human brain – simple for an older child.  But again, you know and I know that that simple move will never occur unless a brain and mind enter into the picture in some way, be it direct action or be it via some ingenious indirect route such as using some type of robotic mechanism.

Now consider the following photo that highlights a dramatic smoke and mirrors trick used by many brilliant men who are skilled at, or guilty of, building huge Trojan Mules.  The magnitude of the brilliance is immense as is the scale of the unbelievable jackass thinking that is skilfully co-blended into the structure.

Here we see the pile of Mule parts, the shaft and gear, a wrist watch which represents time, and a simple frame house – bright and cheery and very liveable – my current home! 

The thinking abounds and is factored into so many facets of our lives that common sense can be over ridden by huge periods of time.  Elsewhere in this website I rail on how true evolution is everywhere and that it is the product of minds and the interaction of minds plus creative powers.  I also point out that there is a fictitious concept that uses the same name but that I differentiate by labelling it evolution**.  It doesn’t exist in reality – only in a smoke and mirrors scenario that a huge number of people believe and an even larger number tolerate and are drastically influenced by.  The rogue thinking generates a type of defective mental protein that is comparable to the trigger for “mad cow disease”.

But building my Lego Mule illustrates that the “time trick” is indeed an irrational illusionist trick, dishonestly used, to con a bunch of very young children (ie everyone living) into thinking that their day to day common sense is faulty.

The picture of the room illustrates the fact that LIFE (as well as any type of positive development) is by the moment and if you claim that simple time can fully explain Living Development you might as well claim that vicious radioactivity promotes life or lack of oxygen promotes life or TNT detonation promotes life.  Life is by the moment and can’t handle interruptions – the concept of evolution** is claimed to be by the eon – idiocy! – smoke and mirrors!

The Scientific Method is a wonderful approach - a pity that it gets kicked around so badly.  This diagram was used on an earlier page.  It is a good diagram!  It is a good concept!

Isn't it a bit gross when simple common sense supposedly gets verbally trumped by air headed "scientific rhetoric".

Is there such a thing as "mindless positive development"?  Do two Lego blocks ever snap together in the absence of a mind and hands?

Does a complex Lego toy such as the Lego Trojan Horse ever snap together in the absence of a mind and hands?

Are we so slow of mind that we can't test this issue without sitting around for a billion years to "prove" that such positive development simply never happens?

At least look for the smoke and mirrors when you hear a claim that flies in the face of common sense!
So, scientific experimentation is needed.  Again, you and I need to hang out and see if there is any further progress on building the Lego Mule if no brains or hands are applied to the project.  You know and I know that this experiment can be conducted anywhere, any time, and for as long as you wish and day after day and year after year, and the results will always be the same.  The wrist watch illustrates that time is a real factor in progress and it is a positive factor if brains and hands and personalities are involved but it is the kiss of death if no minds are involved.

The photo of the environment, as in the room in the house, shows that an environment is needed for anything to happen.  Personalities need mobility and ground to stand on or to build workshops on.  Keep any personalities away from the house you see pictured and time is going to take care of the shingles and roof and counter and floor and all the Lego parts will eventually end up in the basement under rubble.  Likely the ABS will eventually break down to nothing.  But you are never going to see the assembly of the parts into the Lego Mule. 

And the number of threads that you are left holding in your hand when that bit of common sense reality sinks in is exciting and links you to major realizations that should rattle your cage and give you an exciting kick into the wonderful world of Reality – where you can function without smoke and mirrors - where you can exercise your amazing capacity as a free personality.
Creative endeavours not only require a brain and hands and mobility (feet) and ground to stand on.  They also require light so you can see what you are doing and where you are going.  That light needs to be useful light – not light that is filtered through smoke and mirrors and then scrambled by a brain-based distorter.  The completion of the Lego Mule and Horse will help you pursue the hand full of threads and help you avoid slamming into bridge abutments or falling down staircases because you don’t see them in time!  A blind man walking in a room full of bear traps or open manholes is likely going to experience difficulties while someone who can see is at a great advantage!  “Blindness” can also come in the form of “serious sight distortion”.  And this scenario is a highly accurate allegory of  Life!

So let’s get at putting the Mule together.  Constantly keep in mind the staggering rise in unlikelihood that this process could ever occur by some undefined “roulette wheel” explanation of positive development in a personality vacuum.  So much fun, and so easy, for a child with a brain and hands.  So impossible without the glow of a little personality having fun.  Such a wonderful building environment made possible by Ole Kirk Christianson and the army of engineers and designers and sub contractors and scientists and workers who have built the Lego empire.
The following string of photos show the assembly of the Lego Trojan Mule and then show the Lego Trojan Horse with its slight modifications that cut the size of its ears and get it so its drive wheels all go in the same direction!  Sort of a useful feature!

Some readers will likely point out that the Lego Mule or Horse is “inanimate” and thus doesn’t qualify as a test of the practicality of “evolutionary** development”.  But the reality is that building the Lego project is wildly closer to practicality than having the added complication of blending long periods of time with Life.  ABS takes years – perhaps hundreds or thousands of years – to “die” and fall apart.  A “living” entity has minutes to bridge disruptive changes, and avoid total disintegration.  If a heart transplant took three hours and an artificial heart wasn’t used as a backup, how many survivors would live to keep the family line going?  Let's up that transition time period to 50,000 years.  Dream on!  Evolution** 911 doesn’t exist, and for good reason.  Life is by the moment.  Evolution**, if it even existed, is admittedly by the eon. 

The Lego project is very “probable” and “likely to happen” in comparison to building a real mule that lives and breaths and can reproduce.  We are talking child’s play vs adult genius combined with science fiction.  The point is simple – get your heads together, kids, connect to your Reality, and don’t be a herd of dumb asses!

The equation we have in front of our noses is simple.  We are on a big island and clearly we are not alone.  A huge background factor in the equation is Big, and Smart, and Capable, and we sure hope - - Friendly!  And the Logic Troops in the horse project are banging on the gates of our minds, trying to open them, so the light of Reality can get though our mental scramblers and provide “useful light” so we can see effectively.

We are experiencing a “play system” that provides freedom with some guided direction.  We can’t get too far off a core track but the leeway we are allowed is quite remarkable.  And we are free to race in the Isle of Man TT.  We are not confined to a padded cell nor a play pen - - both examples used earlier in the website.

Examples of the Lego Mule would be the economic system, the medical system, the education system, the political system, the religious system, the industrial system.  Bob Dylan had plenty of inspirational examples for his "Everything is Broken" song!

How is the “evolution** theory” system a Trojan Mule?  It is a constructed system and a thought pattern.  It pictures the way that humans think – they are planners and builders and evolutionary developers who react to events around them – but in trying to solve one screw-up, they often manage to build in another screw-up.  The religion horse had its front wheels going counter clockwise and its rear wheels going clockwise when the tail was twisted clockwise.  The "evolutionary** theory" horse still uses the clockwise tail rotation but the front wheels go clockwise and its rear wheels go counter clockwise!

The world approaches religion like a piecemeal mass of militia groups each waving a few pages from the Bible or some other book.  The natural world is viewed as a wilderness area with little integration with the concept of God or with religious thought.  God is seen as a two bit player against the natural world system and the universe.  Lots of people puzzle over "how" but almost no one has an integrated universal viewpoint that homes in on "why".

What can we learn from our experiment?
-we are not alone on the island.  There is an entity that is very similar to ourselves, but Big and Brilliant.  The Boss or Dad might be accurate titles.
-The freedom and the quality of the toys that Dad gives us to play with is staggering.  What a Guy!
-There is considerable evidence that He has our welfare at heart, wants us educated to be good guys and not jerks, provides for our positive education, and is prepared to kick us in the ass if we are idiots.  But is really generous when we get things right.
-We are fools to waste such great effort on asking "how the impossible has happened" and should spend most of our time on asking "Why" as well as researching the brilliant aspects of the designed "how" – because the “why” gold mine is where wise direction resides.
-The project begs us to accept that we are hemmed in by bozo barricades, open the gates and  at least look outside, and adjust our video image to realities that are outside the gates.
-We should develop a sensitivity of knowing when to push and develop and innovate and when to accept and comply.
-Do we ask whether we are building a Lego horse or a Lego mule?  Playing monkeys and the moon?  Getting run over by the ambulance?  Some of these issues are so large that it is impossible to reform the current system on a large scale – but individuals can “come out of her” and gain a costly type of immediate if partial freedom.
-Know your enemy – know your Friend!  Who is trying to help you and who is trying to kill you?  What are the capacities and motivations of your Friend and of your foe?  Just how big and powerful are they vs yourself?  How can you protect yourself and what resources do you have to call on?  When the Boss tells us to do a job and rails on us for not utilizing all our resources to win, and we protest that we are using all our resources and trying our hardest – do we get the response “Well I’m an available resource and you haven’t asked me to help you!”
-When we go about living, we are bombarded by Trojan Horse experiences and analogies constantly.  Can we detect them and learn from them?  Can such sensitivity provide breakthrough insights in other areas?  Do we go through life like Jim Corbett’s dull minded jungle friend or are we like Corbett himself, enjoying and learning from every moment.
-The allegory of the Lego empire illustrates an unusual situation that appears to show up in many other places as well.  Purely secular personalities often come up with some personal creation that seems inspired relative to a much larger view of life.  This occurs despite the fact that the human originator clearly had no intention for their work to fulfill the niche that it appears to fill so effectively.

The photos of the Lego Trojan Mule illustrate the gear train and if you follow the steps you will see that the gearing makes the wheels rotate in opposite directions.
The gearing of the Lego Trojan Horse at least makes sense.  Crank the tail and the wheels will propel the horse forward.  The system isn't designed to fight itself!
Again, the gear train of the Lego Trojan Horse.
My “Lego Horse” page is a type of condensation of much of the earlier material in this website.  I use several rehashed examples and many terms that I have coined and have used earlier in the website.  Hopefully this page effectively uses the condensation to slam a logic projectile into the walls that surround so many minds.  Hopefully too it may encourage you to review earlier material, which I feel is basic, simplistic, and important.

It should be obvious to anyone with common sense that everything we see around us, including our own physical bodies, is “un-natural” and designed and manufactured by a Brilliant Mind.  The creative equation is complex and anything over and above “nothing” is amazing in itself not to mention the amazing fact that each of us is conscious and thus able to see it and interact with it.  Existing is a rather huge personal issue!  Having a place to exist in and play in is also quite impressive!

So how are you doing with your “Ultimate Lego Set”?  What neat projects have you built lately?  Do you feel you have the corner on brilliant building ability or are you impressed at the breadth of creative ability illustrated by hundreds and thousands and millions of other kids, all working with the same Ultimate Lego Set?

Does it trouble you that some of your playmates are fooling around with the “weapon systems building kit” and that some of your playmates seem to be getting in each other’s hair such that the whole playground is at risk of being blown to hell due to their reciprocal negative interactions?  Do some of the kids seem to be interested in hogging the toys?

Do you marvel that Dad lets so many little hellers get away with their antics?  How can such a Brilliant Good Guy seemingly be so blind and how can He be so slow as to let some of the kids screw things up for the rest of the gang?  Justice? Prudent oversight?  Is Dad asleep?  Or is Dad far ahead of most of us?

These are observations and questions that should flow from our day to day “play” experiences.  Stupid urban legends about God and about mindless evolution** should not blind us to realities that are under our noses.  Open your eyes – blow away the smoke – break the trick mirrors – and Live and Experience simple Reality!  Ask questions!  Try to figure out what is going on!

Combine a clear view with the amazing yet overlooked Cryptologic Bombes that are tucked in our toy box and I think it is clear that we are students in The Big School and that we are on a winning roll!  At the moment, there is an, "out of touch" Bad Ass movement rolling – even that is a planned situation – and we have a tricky choice of being a Teacher’s pet or sucking up to the Bad Ass side of things.  Not an easy choice as the deck is highly stacked in favour of the Bad Ass decision.  Riding the fence is somewhat popular and has its share of problems.  The Teacher’s pet option is a seemingly tough route, in the short run at least.  But everyone is living in the same school, and it is a really good school.

When I went to university, I started a bit later than many of the students I had attended high school with.  One day near the end of my third year I was talking with some of the kids from my home town who were ahead of me at university and I was expressing concern as to whether I was going to pass some of my exams.  One fellow, Ron, who, as indicated, was ahead of me at university and apart from some minor issues, already had his degree.  Ron said “Geo, if anyone as dumb as I am can get a degree, then anyone can pass!”

Ron did tidy up his degree and as far as I know went on to a good career.  And I think anyone Living can take inspiration from his statement.  We are all “dumb” in various ways and in the Big School with all its layers and complexities, there are millions – perhaps billions – of routes to graduation.  We are all “Ron” from one perspective and I doubt that very many individuals will obstinately hang in with the Bad Ass approach and ultimate failure.  Success, in the end, will simply be too tempting!  And The Big School is ingeniously designed to get all dummies to the Good Guy level of education!  But it sure is fun to try to get ahead of the pack!  Challenge is neat!  Climbing Mt. Everest appeals to many!  But Mt. Everest is a one dimension "small potato" in the context of the exciting challenges of The Big School!

So, leaving my rambling digression and kicking back to the Lego Page; 

Hopefully it is clear that I feel we exist in an amazing Big School, armed with the staggering gift of individualized Life, with the opportunity to learn and to hang around forever so long as we learn to be good guys and not jerks.   And I hope I am making progress at illustrating how ingenious the School System is at getting us to the positive goal in an enjoyable but realistic way.  I am just getting rolling.  There is lots more to come!  When you are trying to comment on the "Ultimate" there is no shortage of material!

I feel too that the concept of God being an old grouch and a distant and demanding father figure is warped.  In following pages I will plug the angle that our situation is amazingly positive and that we are dealing with a Great Personality and that a lot of fear and resentment and personal hangups are linked with stupid urban legends and our own reaction to these screwed up concepts.

Life is super exciting and fresh every day.  The future is amazing.  That is Reality!  Be sure to Give It - until next time!  Geo M