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The immunization eventually became a type of problem for the Wrights in their selling efforts in that the seeming indifference of the local press was viewed by the larger world as proof that the Wrights were fakes.  Europeans were really down on them until 1908 when on August 8 Wilbur put on a demonstration at Lemans that lifted him from derision to being one of the most famous men in the world.  Prior to that revelation of their full set of cards, the Wrights had secured the vital contract that covered their financial and emotional investment.  It was an amazing run.  The press suddenly had lots of material to keep them happy for a time!

In a way, the vaccination play provided a far bigger eventual boost for the Wrights in that the surge of doubt and ridicule that had built around them burst like a tidal wave on August 8, 1908.  The sudden transition from suspected con artists to proven technical geniuses made the brothers, and particularly Wilbur, the world’s most famous men, over night.  Wilbur’s quiet, modest, and intelligent character amplified the impact that helped ignite a fire for aviation in the USA that has impacted the world to this day.

So should your child get a measles vaccination or should you get a flu shot?  And how many times has your mind been vaccinated to prevent you from catching a Truth virus?  How many realities exist under your nose or a few miles from your doorstep that you have been programmed to ignore?

There is One Reality.  There is no substitute for Truth.  But the perceptions of Truth are endless and disagreement between perception holders is a gong show.  The Dayton reporters had a perception of the state of efforts to achieve flight and they were wrong.  The Wrights knew the trick of mixing some Truth with Error and exposure to the weakened Truth virus made the reporters immune to the full Truth package.  Classic!  I do feel that that formula is applied everywhere.  No one tries to promote total, obvious Error.  You have to hook minds with at least some seemingly True facts or principles but then kick in some nonsense and people can be charismatically lead and bullied to cling to the syncretic mix as if it is a sacred rabbit’s foot.  Like Linus holding his blanket, in the face of glaring uncertainties, all is well.  Don’t trouble me further!  I believe that I have arrived.  I am lazy or fearful and not prepared to try to resolve doubts and questions that arise.  My lamp of learning has been snuffed out.  Using a Biblical term, Bereanism has been vaxxed to impotence.

The pinball jumble analogy mentioned earlier can be used to illustrate complex, time related, rebound situations where a school of thought develops that, to an outsider is an intuitive Reality clash and is ridiculous.  Let’s call the thought group, Theology X.  But a segment of the principles of the X group are accepted by cynical outsiders as being accurate even though these too are also ridiculous.  Say a distorted perception of God is at issue along with the “visibly off the wall” ideas that the outsiders really object to.  Now the outsiders view the perceived X God as Truth and tack on their own “corrective” concepts to try to arrive at what they see as “Truth”.  In countering the seeming idiocy areas of Theology X, the outsiders now have a major perceptual “layer-cake” mess.  They feel comfortable and secure with their perception of what they have been mislead to be Truth, and as a result, are hopelessly fowled up.  In the smoke and mirrors and banging gongs, Reality slides further away from common perceptions.  It can be argued that the strongest motivator for the groundless theory of evolution is a partially legitimate disgust for the conventional concepts of God that are everywhere.  If God is like That and acts like That, He is a sick dream that can’t exist or at least, I don’t want Him to exist – may be the reasoning.  Conversely, many see the folly of the “evolution” establishment and reject some of their central principles along with the more obvious errors, even though some of those principles are brilliantly true.

Solid, practical immunity comes from accurate perception of and connection to Reality.  Our bodies are products of stable principle and design.  We aren’t roulette wheel illusions despite a very common and damaging perception that we are.  We aren’t made to be inexplicably diseased any more than a Honda car, produced with brilliant quality control, is made to have serious break downs regularly from day one and on.  The complexities and intergenerational nature of Life allows for factors that are at least partially beyond the control of an individual but as a generalization, everyone has a lot of control over their physical destiny or at least can understand principles that buffet us.  Alcohol fetal syndrome or thalidomide are not nice but can be understood.  Fast food dining is not going to break for the good.  Lack of sleep, especially when driving, does not yield desirable results.  Forget to put oil in your Honda and bad things happen.  We exist in a huge interrelated environment.  Chemical and physical and biological principles and absolutes do exist.  Strong poisons kill and mild poisons exist and usually have an eventual impact when encountered.  Pesticide residue and nuclear radiation are problems for the living.  Economic and national and marital and general social issues can impact individual health – and we all age and some disease eventually kills us – but as a general rule, our bodies are designed to be very trouble free and functional for a long stretch of time.  We enjoy the remarkable phenomenon called life based on remarkably reliable and stable principles – not whimsy.  A well designed cell phone doesn’t glitch constantly.  Neither should a life charged, brilliantly designed human body!

Hmmm.  The universe’s Chemistry Software Program 12.13 is updated to 12.14 overnight.  Poof!  Joe collapses into a Jell-O like puddle.  Same thing happened to Annette a week ago when the Electronic Program 16.49 was updated to 16.50!  Brace yourselves;  the Human Interaction Program will be updated to 17.01 tomorrow.  Married couples, friends, seniority at the job, party etiquette – who knows what impacts to expect? – forgive me for daydreaming about the implications of a lack of stability – I digress!

Immunizations are based on the utilization of designed principles and have an effect, but likely risk having more than one effect, sometimes delayed, especially when the design technicians are amateurs under pressure for quick and simple results with profit potential.  Which is more likely to yield a totally healthy body free of any disease – following designed, established, and stable health principles or relying on amateur vaccinations?  Are we dealing with a Brilliantly Designed System or with something akin to a junk yard war creation?  The health industry seems geared to developing a vaccination for everything that goes wrong, seemingly without serious concern over underlying causal factors.  Is someone climbing a tree to reach the moon?  Are we building an unstable house of cards?  Where does a degree of logic spin off into a dead-end gimmick generator?  Where does Truth get teamed up with Error? 

When you read stats on historic infection rates for the major vaccination related diseases and the death percentages, do you ever see a detailed coverage of the circumstances of those affected?  Is there a concern over underlying causal factors on an individual basis?  Is there a systematic search for violated health principles?  What a massive educational opportunity for learning how to live!  Blaming a naturally occurring bacteria or virus is a short sighted and dishonest cop out.  It isn’t that simple or all humans would go down like dry trees in a forest fire.  What about all the mystery diseases that the amateur technicians simply process as having “unknown causes” while enthusiastically selling drugs to treat the effects.

If you approach life and disease with a "this is a designed system" mind set, you are going to be asking "why?" and "what for?" and "how does this thing work?" - when you see anything happen that you don't understand.  Are communicable diseases with their wide range of impacts like ingenious, variable intensity warning lights on your dashboard?  Something is wrong - correct the problem before Real Trouble hits!  Does an amateur mechanic, who doesn't appreciate the Designer's brilliance, simply disconnect the wires to the warning lights?  And then when the leukemia or multiple schoerosis or oil starved lube system and seized bearings occur, is there minimal suspicion that a complex interrelated system is being dealt with?  For individual physical lives, there is a point where it becomes too late for praying or learning or correcting.

My children didn’t have measles vaccinations.  As a family we put great effort into following reasonable health principles right down to how our food supplies, plants and animals, are grown and from what soil.  Our reliance on the food processing industry is minimal.  We do not live off a long, stale and processed supermarket pipeline.  The kids got the measles.  The sickness was a non-event.  Measles horror stories that pertain to poor malnourished kids don’t apply to healthy kids.  I never get flue shots and I can’t remember having the flue.  I am not convinced this is an illustration of luck and that I live in another world.  If every family had replicated our historic record, the drug industry would be bankrupt and Medicare would have avoided spending billions.  Again, I doubt that our situation can be written off as luck.  I am not speculating on the future.  I am pointing to proven history – personally experienced history that I find convincing.

It is True that some vaccination efforts have an obvious impact, in the short run at least.  It is also True that the basic health practices of the vast majority of people can be called into question.  But to point to evidence of vaccinations having a type of impact and then to tack on the belief that we now have a marvellous, system wide cure for disease that everyone has a social obligation to participate in, is a copy of the Wright Brothers’ deception victory.  I think there will be an admission, eventually, of a disastrous error in judgment.  The snake oil isn’t up to the sales pitch.  Seeming to win a few battles does not prove you have won the war.  Dying of diphtheria or dying from lupus or multiple sclerosis or cancer all equal being dead sooner than desired.  Health is across the board.  I believe that the party line on vaccinations has worrisome similarities to the Wright mental vaccination - Truth blended with Error such that the obvious becomes invisible.

Society stumbles along with its jumble of perceptions and we are all part of the gong show.  The more clearly we can see Reality and the more clearly we can see the deception tricks that bombard us and blur the obvious, the better Life will be for us.  In the current world, I am suspicious that there are more mental immunizations in place, guarding against the virus of Truth than there are immunizations against Error.  Once you are locked onto real Truth, well, there is no where better to go – you have the ultimate immune system in force.  Anchoring to bedrock creates stability.  Anchoring to a dust cloud mirage assures chronic trouble.

Often, large segments of a population herd will become so immune to Reality and Truth that they are analytically paralysed by a seeming essential need to statistically prove the obvious before they can launch into any sort of appropriate actions.

So there you have a cute and amazing little historic tale that actually happened.  The Wrights gave us flight and perhaps an even more valuable analogy example.  Do we marvel and feel bubbly and walk away, or do we dig a bit deeper and try to put more pieces of the Reality puzzle together?

It is my belief that there is a brilliant and huge immunization system embedded in all that we do.  And it is a system akin to the immunity that comes from contracting and surviving a disease, no matter how dreadful the disease may be.  It is a Professionally Designed System.  It can be argued that actually having a mild, natural, contraction of a disease that you recover from fully is the best form of immunization.  You don’t want to be maimed or scarred, or killed, but given a vital, underlying  health base, I think this is a reasonable generalization.  It is an acceptance that the staggeringly complex natural system is brilliantly designed with a purpose and that the laws of nature are a silent but stern ally of those who are interested in learning and playing by the complex rules.  The longevity of human existence hints that we are not a pack of rats confined in a barrel risking being drowned to a man in a meaningless and unpredictable flood of bacteria or viruses or other health glitches!
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Brit Jimmy Hare was the first photographer to get a shot of the Wright aircraft in the air during test at Kitty Hawk in May of 1908.
Jimmy Hare takes to the air with his camera.  The small photo above, I believe, is a Hare shot of Orville Wright at Fort Meyers.  Hare was a photographer for Colliers Magazine and his work had a great impact on the popularity of that publication.

Despite Hare's Kitty Hawk photos and daily reports by newsmen of the Wrights May 1908 flights, the reports from the isolate location failed to cause much excitement.  Yet when the same performance occurred in front of a crowd a few months later, the effect was electric.  I think there is a lesson in this with regard to individual thought processes vs herd thought processes!
Back to the pinball machine analogy.  Error regarded as Truth and logic piled on idiocy all bounces around in the mix.
I read one of Sir Albert Howard's books as a youth and have gone a long ways in applying his thinking since.  He was a $Rebel who looked under his nose and let common sense make him a visionary in a confused world.  When the topics under discussion are physical health, vaccinations, physical or mental, as well as the impact of viruses, physical or mental, Sir Albert Howard’s life and career and thoughts are worth considering.  He was born just six years after Wilbur Wright but outlived Wright by thirty five years.  Click on the button below to jump to a sub essay that deals specifically with Sir Albert.  This material has a close connection with the points that are being made in the main essay.
An analogy that I feel is really useful for illustrating the impression many have of our world being a confusing jumble of conflicting thought is that of a simple jig saw puzzle.  Here is another side essay that expands some of the thoughts in the main essay and hopefully clarifies some of my thinking.  Check it out via the button below.
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