Puzzle Analogy:

Crazy polarization on the puzzle board!  Another way to visualize the Wright “Mental Virus” and the sinister marvel of Syncretic Building Technique!

Reality is!  We do not live in a chaotic multiverse setting.  We are constantly receiving information about the universe from all directions and despite the time lag caused by the huge scale involved, the info from the left is the same as the info from the right.  The physical laws and realities of the north are the same as for the south.  The mind numbing time delay factor assures us that there isn’t deceptive collusion between “Mr. North” and “Mr. South”!  Amazingly, the theorizing on basic physics from over 100 years ago has been repeatedly verified by our increasing analytic ability to test physical reality.  As theoretical physicist Neil Turok has observed, the details and facts about the very small and very large aspects of physics are amazingly stable and exacting, and in a way, surprisingly simple.  Middle ground, where we humans hang out, is where the excitement exists!

Reality can be compared to a huge jigsaw puzzle picture which illustrates physical structure and associate principles, and I feel also incorporates a time factor that requires an accounting for the past and for the future.  But the picture in the puzzle is clear, fixed, and integrated into a detailed single unit.  Social principles are also blended into this Reality.  And there is room for highly flexible creativity and true evolution, but that variable feature can be separated from the basic Reality in much the same way a massive Lego set can be analysed apart from how brilliant little minds can use it for building just about anything.  And note, when I say true evolution, I am referring to a process that involves the interaction of mind-power, creative capacity, and time.

If we, as in all those blessed with the temporary and astonishingly unique “Life and Freedom” package, all exist within the same Reality, how do we explain the crazy polarization and confusion on exactly what is going on in our shared existence?  Our problem is that each of us has a different perception of the Picture of Reality, which is made up of small puzzle segments.  Some of the puzzle pieces are accurately seen and appreciated.  Some pieces are a blank to us.  And many are envisioned incorrectly.  And I think it is accurate to say that the puzzle solving effort by mankind appears to be a screwed up gong show.  Hopeless, would be a word that comes to many minds.

I contend that if everyone took great care to assemble pieces of the puzzle, likely starting on the outer borders, that a unity of the assembly gang would be maintained.  Forcing pieces into place is not going to deliver good results.  And modifying or creating fake pieces is going to lead to disaster.  But it can be argued that lazy, bad ass, selfish, or foolish assemblers have broken the rules with impunity.  Syncretic thinking has come up with perceptions of the true pieces that deliver a fit to some of the True peripheral puzzle pieces but then form new linking shapes that will only fit with additional fabrications.  Visualize that this disaster policy has been pursued at multiple points around the huge picture and when 30 or 40 syncretic fabrications encounter each other at the center of the puzzle sheet, there is no way to arrive at a meshing of the diverse fanticized pictures.  And credibility is heaped on the observation that “It’s not what we don’t know that gets us into trouble.  Rather the problem is with the things that we are sure of, that are not True.”

Now visualize what happens when some creative thinker fabricates a series of perception pieces that seem to effectively link two or three syncretic projections together.  Wow!  Like something out of 2018!

The only way to get a solid job done is to back up to solid “puzzle pieces” and to play by the rules.  Find legitimate pieces (note:  legitimate pieces!) that fit and build your perceptions on solid fact – on bedrock Truth.  That isn’t going to happen on a world scale, but it is a challenging option that is available to the maverick individual.

The “Life and Freedom” package is a unique gift with an expiry date.  Thankfully the Puzzle Master is generous and ingenious and doesn’t nail puzzle assembling rebels to the wall permanently, but Life goes so much easier, especially in the long run, for those who appreciate what is at stake and for those who apply the rules of the game sooner rather than later.

If you are living your life on perceptions that are largely fabrications, solid Reality is going to clash with many of your actions and disappointment and frustration is sure to occur.

How far back do you have to prune?  10 years?  100 years?  1000 years?  More? As mentioned, the puzzle incorporates a time factor, and in many cases, there is a LOT of dead wood / a lot of syncretic fabrication and bungling!  It’s your call.  It’s your Life!