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We, as in every Living Being, are not momentary fireworks rockets.  Flash, Bang, Gone!  Each Individual is being groomed for Eternal life.  That is no simplistic educational challenge as each Living Being gets started from scratch on the beginning of a long and complex road.  Viewed from the short history of human society on the earth, the long term prospects for success do not look promising. But an appreciation of the analogies built into the Biblical Holiday system should give theology specialists a hint of the agenda that they should be able to pass on to the general population.  Regrettably, that revelatory system, given major press in the only credible Life Manual that exists, also seems to have been given the Wright treatment – under the nose and ignored - shorted out by syncretic theology concepts that have a bit of Truth harnessed to a vast collection of fabricated, diversionary legends – fabricated legends that are Errors.

We are in a world where a loser personality is the current manager and Truth is not what he wants to flourish.  The Bible talks plainly about Satan and gives plenty of background data that lets the curious (mercy – everyone should be curious!) know who this personality is.  But he is only around in a way very analogous to true disease pathogens.  Where ever there is error or reality weakness, he has a type of presence, ready to trigger disease – be it physical or perceptual.  He wants you to break the rules and principles that are key to long term success.  And God, the Boss, has given us the freedom to go anywhere and hang ourselves there – we always have more than enough rope (Bob Dylan’s profound line from Political World).  There is no better way to learn than to freely experience and live Reality and to see what happens.  In many cases, for the accident prone or foolish, the result is not good and it may even seem to be shockingly abrupt and final.  

Herd immunity concepts enters the picture as well.  If the herd is healthy and has natural immunity, a few sick members don’t create serious problems.  But if the whole herd is sick or susceptible, it is really difficult to move toward health. And, if you are talking vaccinations vs. natural immunity, you have got to ask whether the vaccination is a Band-Aid approach that ignores underlying causal factors.  Epidemics and pandemics are real.  But there are underlying factors. How did the mental virus of evolution flash from seeming fringe idiocy to seeming mainstream fact between 1850 and 1950?  That pandemic happened! The herd wasn’t in good health prior to the pandemic getting rolling. Connection to Reality wasn’t there to provide herd immunity.  A mental virus took hold and rapidly spread.  And our current world is built on a stack of blundered and intertwined perceptions.  We are truly anchored in a dust cloud mirage.

But, again kicking back to the principles illustrated by the Holiday system described in the Manual for Life, the Bible.  God, the Maestro of Life and of Education, has a solution – resurrections.  A dramatic safety net for struggling students of Life as well as for those who are able to make fairly good use of their run at the physical scenario training game that we all have the privilege to be part of!

Elsewhere I have marvelled at the lyrics of a brilliant secular song version popularized by Gordon Lightfoot – Changes.  View this song in an eternal sense and the words fit Reality so perfectly.  Fluke?  Inspiration?  Certainly not the intent of original writer Phil Ochs or of  Gordon Lightfoot with his slightly modified version.  But few “purpose written” hymns have the solidly accurate and inspirational clout illustrated in this composition.

Sit by my side. Come as close as the air.  Share in a “memory of grey*”.  And wander in my words, and dream about the pictures that I play, of Changes.

The song goes on to cover birth and life and aging and death.  It covers the passing flow of highlights of everyone’s life.  And I feel that it ends with phrasing that can be easily equated with the Passover detail of the Holiday system – and then a statement of letting people know that the educational process will last throughout their entire life – “and leave you on the rolling river’s shore, of Changes!” 

Physical life is unique Life and it is one dynamic educational moment after another – changes – stimulation - growth – dynamic contact with constantly changing sets of Reality facets, with much of the Reality being artificial but carefully designed by an Educational Genius – truly words and pictures that are being played.  And the “memory of grey*” is a world run by a compromised, disease riddled, personality who is providing us with a high intensity experience of true moral sickness - a truly diseased operating style that is counter to eternal Life.  Humanity individually and as a whole and over our communal history has been afflicted with the ultimate disease pathogen load – but the Education Principal has designed and built a system that will ultimately pull us through the disease without scars nor lingering disabilities.  And by actually having experienced the disease in real time, we will have gained a very effective immunity to ever getting it again.  We have been instructed, for what that is worth!  Often, not much!  An ignorant little kid can be told, but touching the hot stove is a much more vivid teacher!  And being told and then testing the advice has a unique effect.  We too have lived it, which is where we really learn.  Words have value but pictures have more value and real experience has the most value.  We have swerved and won and lost and blundered on the road of Life. We will survive and be restored to solid health, but only because of a wise and generous Parent who has planned for us and is pulling for us.

Something bad happened in the past.  A totally free and privileged “super being” went bad.  All hell broke loose as a result.  A totally black memory was created.  But the Boss/Parent adapted to the reality and pushed on.  The generously given “Life and Freedom Package” is provided with a risk necessitated by its very unique nature.  But Satan wasn’t immediately destroyed – he was utilized.  The black memory was faded to grey* much like a compromised disease pathogen being put to use.  And here we are – not in a white world but rather in a grey world*.  We have been given real experience and lots of things to think about as we learn to dream about, to strive for, and to try to practice Sustainable Living!  Pete Seeger hit the bases pretty accurately with his song playing up the Hammer of Justice, the Bell of Freedom, and the Song about Love – the core aspects of appreciating the True Gift of Life.

The fascinating angle that I observe is that the reverse immunizations that occur, where sycretic mixes of truth and error lock up minds and guide people to real trouble, spiritual and physical sickness, and death, in the long run, play into the underlying Big System being made even more effective.

The Wrights gained greatly by being catapulted from conman infamy to world stage stars.  The mass human exercise will see the same reversal catapult effect – seemingly total defeat and destruction to a largely unexpected glorious victory. And a lot of people will be softened up for real progress by freely admitting “You know, the evidence was there, and I was told, but I just didn’t believe it.  I marvel that I could have been so ignorant!  Thank God for his patient mercy and ingenious tactics!  I thought the Old Man was a jerk/fool/ogre, but I was so wrong – He really is “How Life Should Be!  So tell me more – I may be little and foolish but I am On Board for the Big Trip!”

Biblical Job stated, “I had heard about you with my own ears, but now I have seen you with my own eyes.”

Polarization is such a current problem – disagreement over wildly jumbled perceptual concepts of the single reality we all live in.  In an age so exposed to knowledge availability, isn’t it a paradox?  The secular and religious worlds are so far apart and chew on each other constantly.  The Bible itself gains credibility by stating that such a condition would exist where people would see the obvious but not understand.  And the Bible doesn’t seem to show much difference in kindness level to religious vs. secular folks.  I have a jaded view of being linked at all to the stink of “religion” but there is no doubt in my mind that no one has a hope of understanding what is happening and has happened on Planet Earth, in all fields of thought and action, if they fail to appreciate the analogical lessons built into the Biblical Holiday system including the weekly Sabbath.  The statement seems too expansive and simplistic but if I were struggling to come up with a high value statement of Truth, that would likely be my winning entry.  I cannot see any way around that statement.  But consider how isolated such thinking is?  If a theology type even acknowledges the existence of such a concept, the chances he ascribes to it borders on zero.  Even those religions that seemingly follow the prescribed custom, in most cases seem partially or totally oblivious to the solid connection between the Biblically supported principles and day to day life, past, present, and future.

There is a side point that I think is worth making in conjunction with this essay. I have a high level of contempt for religious organizations when they are guilty of supporting power tripping ministerial roles, pasteurized/homogenized group thinking, rather murderous, antisocial, exclusivist cliquism, and pray, pay, stay, and obey group mgt style.  And I am inclined to clump the scientific community with it’s expansive and oppressive roulette wheel evolutionary thinking in the religious “faith” camp.  I do wonder if we are in an analogical repeat era almost like the low budget Wrights and later Charles Lindbergh achieving simplistic world class breakthroughs under the noses of the establishment.  The heavy weights seem to be myopic, muscle bound dinosaurs.

I am familiar with several theology types who have no credentials other than written and perhaps some verbal output.  One of the best examples from my small grouping has the huge advantage of having no organization to support, no letters after his name, no sports nor Hollywood image to distract, no legal nor medical day job and associated titles, no promotion bills to pay, no grand lifestyle to support, and a dramatic lack of cheer leading supporters.  He doesn’t even try to pump a personal horn.  All he has going for him is his Biblically based writings, for what they are worth (and I feel, plenty!).  So anyone can freely read these relatively short productions and then, without any irrational pressure, ask – is this material True or False?  His name is Juan Rains and his simple website at has a lot of really valuable material that I feel interlocks amazingly well with the day to day, common sense Realities that we all experience.  If you want to have your Biblical views kicked around for the better, Juan has data that is worth thinking about.  Who is God?  Who is Christ?  Who is Satan?  What is the history of the Universe?  What is the significance of each of the Holidays?  Simple but high impact questions that should be simple to define from THE Book that stands alone for credible authority.  It amazes me that such a small entity (as in Juan) can cut through the heavyweight theology jumble so effectively.  No one holds all the cards – but some people may be little Wilbur Wright - maverick outliers who grasp some simple concepts that have a potential for a major ultimate impact! 

Summary Thoughts:  Is the world a troubled entity, racing towards the cliff of self destruction?   Many feel that this view seems obvious!  Or is it a high class school that is experiencing an exciting golden age of learning and progress? Can the same questions be asked about our individual personal lives?  Does the unusual historic deception play of the Wright Brothers and the current general enthusiasm for the vaccination principle hold really valuable lessons that help observers understand the dynamics of life all around us?  Does this discussion jog our minds to think about why we believe and do as we do?  Does it say something about how obvious Realities can seemingly be made invisible to us? Can we detect and observe a remarkable integration of solid theology and day to day experience rather than seeing a wild polarization of the theological and the secular / the spiritual and the physical?

And is your name on the list to get the Ultimate Boost to your immune system?  I am convinced that you are getting your high tech, system integrated, involuntary injection as you read and as you Live!  I am in the same line-up.  It isn’t painless, but I believe we will really appreciate it when we are older!


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Here is another side essay that may clarify some of my personally fabricated terminology.  I am playing with analogies and it is likely that most readers will have to chase my thinking if indeed you have an interest in chasing it!
The Hammer of Justice:  there are basic rules in the game of Life and if you refuse to play by them you will get kicked out of the game.  Not hard to understand!
The Bell of Freedom:  No one is a robot.  The Life and Freedom package is a unique gift that comes with opportunity and responsibility - and thankfully with a brilliant training program that makes failure highly unlikely!
Less than 20 years after Wilbur Wright blew the socks off spectators at Lemans, Charles Lindbergh, the Flying Fool, blew the socks off the world with his solo, low budget flight across the Atlantic from New York to Paris.  Again, like Wright, a "nobody" sets the establishment experts on their ear.
The remarkable process of evolution!  Who could guess that this bridge has a close connection to the first manned flight and the first aircraft?

Here is another useful side essay that illustrates three principles;  no one ever holds all the cards - positive progress is never accidental - and the Life and Freedom Package needs to be viewed as something bigger than individuality.
A digression that plays up the unusual brilliance of this song even further.
Check out "Changes" - Motivated Educational Moves for the Better!  See Page 24.
Peter, Paul, and Mary sing Pete Seeger's song. Seeger originally performed the song at a meeting of communists in 1949 and there was little demand for the creation until years later when the connection with the political movement was forgotten.  A well performed song with a message to its words is effective in that an emotional element can be added to a "thought package" and a mental projectile can be formed that can effectively impact minds!  I assume Seeger, when the song was first written, felt that communism had moral value but practical experience likely faded that idea. But in broader terms, the song is brilliant.