Background Influences and Terms Defined

As I assembled the main essay, I realized that my free wheeling definition generation was getting confusing, even for myself.  So I launched into this side essay, in part to get personally sorted out.  For the few individual who have taken the time to follow my reasoning this far, it may also prove helpful!  Here are some of my terms and associated definitions.

Vaccination/Physical Vaccination:  Where a person’s body is injected with or ingests a compromised disease agent that is designed to impact the natural immune system to develop antibodies that will ward off exposure to the actual bacteria or virus associated with the disease at hand.

Mental Vaccination:  Where a person is exposed to a thought sequence that blends what is seen by the recipient as fact, with additional, carefully presented error.  The intent is that the recipient will reject additional facts due to the syncretic programming of their mind.  This process, by my definition, is always negative in that true mental disease immunity comes from simply being in touch with solid fact.  No need for mental games from some outside manipulator who is generating compromised “facts”.  Solid education can be seen as an immunity booster.  But let’s regard mental vaccinations as basically the same thing as mental viruses.  Mental vaccinations tend to be closer to the perpetrator.  Mental viruses tend to be twisted concepts that are floating free and have achieved some distance from the original designer and have taken on a life of their own.

Truth Virus:  Factual information that is viewed by the mental vaccination designer as being damaging to the goal of ignorance or deception that the designer wishes to remain in place, usually in specific areas.  This is sort of a backwards concept in that normally, a virus or bacteria is viewed as a negative thing.  But I use the term because we live in a world where distortion of Reality is the name of the game.  In such an environment, solid Truth of certain types is not popular!  But this is one “disease” that is a joy to be afflicted with!  Broad spectrum infections appear, at this point in time, to be rather rare.  Advanced mental vaccination technology has come close to eradicating many forms of this “disease” from slipping past the artificially fortified immune systems of the world’s population!

Communicable Disease Sickness:  Most physical vaccination activity has dealt with bacterial and viral diseases that humans and animals are commonly affected by.  The mindset is that the vaccination process obviously has an immediate result and visible diseases are nasty and there is an immediate demand for a solution, so why not go heavy on this neat tool that we have discovered.   In question is how these communicable diseases fit in the big system.  This is dealt with a bit later.  Another side essay about Sir Albert Howard illustrates a viewpoint not shared with the current establishment.

Mental Virus / Mental Virus Sickness:  When factors damage or badly warp your perception of Reality, your natural mental immunity suffers and you are vulnerable to mental concepts that are comparable to a serious bacterial or viral infection.  Along comes a mental viral concept, it locks into your compromised thinking, and bingo – you may be in for a rough ride!  Your mental health was already in trouble but now your weakened immune system has collapsed before a disease microbe invasion.  Note that mental vaccinations and mental viruses have a great similarity that is mentioned under the mental vaccination heading.

Natural Physical Immunity:  Living organisms have a natural resistance to influence from other organisms which explains how life has existed for so long in the complex world system without one life form taking over totally and then dying due to destroying its own complex support system.  Ie a world of cockroaches and nothing else is doomed.  For that matter, a world devoid of bacteria, is also doomed.  Natural immunity is not humanly designed but clearly it is designed, and designed well.  How well it is designed is a grey area of perception.  When it seems to fail, what is the significance of that failure?

Natural Mental Immunity:  Success in living is linked to total information comprehension.  If your thinking processes are anchored in fact, you will be able to detect a defective mental concept and immediately reject it.  If your perception is accurate, you won’t step in open manholes when walking across the street.  You won’t respond to an email asking you to get rich by helping some wealthy foreign businessman transfer his wealth to your country!  You will view concepts that clash with your accurate perception of Reality with suspicion if not immediate rejection.  You will be like Jim Corbett, mentioned earlier on this website, who learned at an early age to try to figure out anything that he confronted that he did not understand.  Corbett was a type of Biblical Berean, a rare breed.  Such an approach assures that solid education will be a continual life long process.  Solid education is the basis of natural mental immunity.

I got rolling on my “Vaccination” topic due to having my nose rubbed in the mischief that a nasty, small religious cult has generated in my life and due to my reading about the unusual example of the Wright brothers managing to hide their flight activities from the world press.  In effect they vaccinated the press against catching a “Truth Virus”.  How the obvious can exist under the nose of intelligent people without them twigging fascinates me.  These trigger factors brought me to consider the widespread confusion as to exactly what is Reality and what is screwed up perception of Reality.  The concepts of a Mental Truth Vaccination and Mental Truth Viruses followed.

I got tossing these definitions around and then got thinking, what is the difference between a mental vaccination and a mental virus?  Both are associated with making minds unable to perceive Truth.  If they are the same things, what about a physical vaccination and a physical virus?  The mental vaccination is by definition not “a close contact with Reality” (which is simply natural immunity that negates any need for a vaccination), but rather is a syncretic mechanism that guards against the Truth Virus.  A mental virus is basically the same as a mental vaccination in that both are syncretic productions that prevent the Truth Virus from having an effect.  As mentioned earlier, the mental vaccination is usually an effort targeted at a specific audience while a mental virus is usually a concept that has become a free agent, floating around, and afflicting any susceptible person who comes in contact with it.

A physical vaccination guards against a physical virus or bacterial infection, sort of.  There is some question as to whether the physical microbe infection is bad or good.  Is it Bad/Bad or is it like the warning light on your dash?  Sort of Bad/Good!  Yow!  Trouble!  Not good to see but better the warning light than eventual engine failure!  At least you know that the ball is in your court and you realize that you have the option of doing something about it.  If communicable disease is a warning light, it can be argued that physical vaccinations also oppose appreciation of physical Truth that guides mankind toward a solid appreciation of True physical Reality. 

In the side essay on Albert Howard, it is pointed out that he used pests and disease as indicators of faulty agricultural practice in a complex, interconnected, and carefully designed system.  I wonder if Howard looked deeper than simply producing healthy crops and animals and humans?  Did he ask “why does the system seem to dictate certain somewhat restrictive principles?”

So is a physical vaccination similar to a physical virus in an analogy copy of the mental vaccination/mental virus?  I think the answer is, “not exactly” but the question is a thought provoker.  The physical vaccination and the pitch that goes with it may be another example of a mental vaccination that guards against the Truth Virus in that it may shut down a warning light that could lead towards an appreciation of physical Truth.  Also, the thought and action combination involved in engineering the physical vaccination may be an example of a mental virus.  The procedure can be seen as being based on a defective syncretic concept that fails to recognize that we live within a designed system – a designed system that has a purpose and an integrated brilliance.  So the question leads to the observation that mental vaccinations and mental virus diseases are far more insidious and wide spread than is believed by the vast majority of living individuals.

A spinoff observation that I will make involves cult control.  It is amazing how so many religions can lock up followers thinking so tightly that no deprogramming effort can bring the victims to an appreciation of the folly of their controllers.  The same can be said for many areas of secular thought where certain mental virus concepts are so layered and integrated into minds that it is clear the victims will die before any sort of recovery will occur.  I wonder if this situation is paralleled by numerous incurable physical diseases.  Faced with these grim situations, the importance of not letting your body or mind get too far off the system designated track, becomes accentuated.  Cancer cures smoking and human stupidity and human blundering will be cured, it would seem, via extinction unless the system is designed and somehow incorporates a safety net to allow us to somehow get on the right track.

Is the writer of this material in the Real World or in Dreamland?  Check it out!