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                       The Nitro Methane of Life
Hours and days and months and dollars and a compilation of experience have gone into a momentary challenge. The drag car shakes and vibrates as it sits at the start gate. This is home territory for Johnny Good. The engine alternatively crackles, then roars as Johnny preps for action. The smell of a mix of hot rubber and nitro methane saturates the air. No one on the team is yawning – minds, especially the driver’s mind, are clear and focused. They are "in the zone"!  The Christmas Tree light pattern flashes and the competitor’s engines explode into torque and wheel spin. Johnny Good skilfully pilots to a record run. The home town crowd erupts. The whole Good team experiences a rush of euphoria matched by that felt by Johnny as he sees the time result and can hear the cheers as his ears adjust to the engine’s silence – it’s job complete! Few adults would have trouble seeing a sexual aspect to the experience. Life is registering in the “Intense Pleasure” range for many people during this short moment in time! Personal connections combined with creative energies accentuate the power of the moment. “Achievement Rush” is a good handle for the final effect! Goals and Purpose and Focus and Achievement and the Involvement of Multiple Living Sparks, are all facets of the Rush!  Active players and observers are all "invested"!

“Achievement Rush” is synonymous with our status of being a “Free and Creative Living Being”, which we all are – and this unique status is no small thing! Each and every, highly personal switch is ON or OFF! And the only ones enjoying the party are the “ONs”! At certain moments, it sure is great to be an “ON”!  Periods of "being in the zone" followed by "achievement rush" are sparkling diamonds on the necklace of Life! Challenge, focus, connection, and achievement!

The overtime goal in the final game in the hockey championship series! (see Youtube links)  The successful landing of the first man on the moon and the reaction at NASA command central! The successful completion of a brilliant musical performance that is destined to yield a classic recording! The successful achievement of a technical breakthrough on a problem that has plagued and held up a research group for months or years! All of these listed events yield a broad team euphoria that every individual team member taps into and relishes. 

Overcoming a simple individual daily challenge, like finding lost keys or managing to extract a rusty bolt that held up a repair project for a frustrating time period, can be seen as a mild form of “achievement rush”. Every day has numerous such mini highlights. A hole-in-one during a solitary golf round yields a considerable impact.

But an optimally coordinated team effort combined with a unique achievement that is embedded in a certain type of background can produce far more emotional intensity than a simple solitary event is likely to generate.

Not all teams are equal. Every team has a unique mix of personalities. Each team’s goal is unique in a certain time period. The history of each team and the history of each team member impact any team story. And how a team challenge event unfolds on the cutting edge of time, with inevitable time and chance flavouring, impacts the intensity of a final, ultimate achievement. 

In the linked video presentation of the activities of the Kalitta Motor Sport Team, notice the number of team members who support driver Dave Grubnic. Also consider the complex sub systems that go to make the momentary speed runs successful, both at the track and also at shops that provide the custom gear and parts utilized by the mechanics and system managers. And consider the miniscule margin for error. And notice Grubnic’s final comment that “there's really only one favourite moment, and that's, obviously, Winning!" (How a Top Fuel Dragster Works – Kalitta Motor Sport – Car and Driver – Dave Grubnic )
The 1972 Summit Series final game fulfilled so many of the factors that create a massive "Achievement Rush!  The Paul Henderson final Game 8 goal was the dreamland capstone on a massive endeavour.  The entire team had been "in the zone" for an extended time period.  A clear goal and a clear focus shone during a one month period in 1972.  The clip shows the amazing "comeback" lead up, the final goal, a bit of the crowd reaction, even a shot of John Diefenbaker and his wife watching on TV back in Canada. The Summit series in 1972 consisted of 8 games – the first 4 in Canada where the Russians win 2, Canada 1, and one game is a tie. The Russians win the first game in Russia, and then lose the next 3 with Henderson getting winning goals in all three games, as well as a serious concussion early on.  The series was a competition of hockey giants and social systems and Henderson's final goal with half a minute to go in the game was one of those dramatic moments that seem too good to be true - perhaps a Russian view would not be phrased that way!  But both teams likely marvelled at the unfolding of the series - - and the illustration of a classic "Achievement Rush" stands for any one who has lived Life!
Exciting historic case studies abound. “Johnny Good type” quality events occur, here and there, on a regular basis for everyone.

Imagine a world of total stability and undisturbed routine – where everyone gets up in the morning, moves through a totally predictable day, snaps off to sleep come evening – repeat – repeat!  Given our inherent capacities and human characteristics, such a scenario would be hell as well as being a dream – a bad dream!  But letting your mind roll around on such a frightful possibility drives you to think deeper about what all of us encounter during each day of Life.

Why are things the way they are? Who are we? What are we? What are we doing here and why?  Is Life, for you, pleasant or not, and in both cases, why? The future is real!  What does it hold for us?  Should one be confident or worried?  Your mind has got to be in “dopy mode” if these questions don’t occur to you on occasion.  And if you somehow managed to have clear and solid answers for each one of these question, wow, Life would be very different vs functioning in the fog cloud that surrounds so many people! Likely “most” people!  And one, of course, must be careful about being totally confident that they have life cased, while, actually being very wrong!

Success and happiness are impossible without clear goals and clear purpose. And, an underlying and solid confidence is essential. Short term goals and purpose are better than no goals or purpose. But long term, sustainable success and happiness, without depressing and in many cases, life threatening suicidal crashes, is what anyone should want. Dead-end escapism tricks aren’t sufficient.  Some dull minds settle for such.  Some brighter minds can't.

So each living individual is constantly challenged to try to understand the details of the very real game-of-life. The clearer that the details, and principles, and mechanisms of life are, the easier it is to play the game well. To play well does take effort. No doubt about that! But thankfully life isn’t constant struggle, without any breaks. Periods of rest as well as discretionary “going with the flow” are part of the ongoing process. However, an over-riding framework of purpose and goals and associated, focused, “in the zone / achievement rush” markers provide a full life experience. Confidence in the future and lack of fear are vital ingredients as well. Given that the essentials are looked after, pleasant trivia like a beautiful sunset, the song of a bird, a wave from a friend, familiar personal perks like the joyful greetings of your pet dog, or a rain shower on your plot of greenery, fill in the optimal schedule!

I think it is obvious that progress at sorting these matters out has a close connection with multiple questions of "Why?"

           Elementary, my dear Watson!

The title of this section will be immediately associated with the character Sherlock Holmes despite the fact that the exact phrase was never used in any of author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s writings. But the inference of the phrase fits the world we all live in, so accurately. People, other than Doyle, put the phrase together and the fit was so good that an enduring, classic phrase was formed.

The fictitious Holmes is pictured as a man who could look around him and clearly see evidence of importance that the average person appeared to be blind to. He didn’t have mystical powers. He was simply observant and thoughtful. And Conan Doyle wove great detective stories by being able to visualize situations that made sense to readers who were fascinated with the author’s insight with regard to detail and how meaning could be associated with it.

My contention is that we all have the capacity, and obligation, to be Sherlock Holmes and once we accept and build on a few simple facts of our existence, we gain a capacity to analyse huge volumes of “evidence” that all of us are immersed in.

Consider the progress made by archaeologists at understanding details of Egyptian culture and history. As ancient items and written materials were discovered in modern times, progress was also made at deciphering the hieroglyphic writing system that ancient Egyptians used. The 1799 Rosetta Stone discovery was a major step. Suddenly, manuscript materials that had been stock piled could be understood and analysed and new discoveries could be quickly studied for valuable content. This positive progression is reasonable and what you would expect.

Now consider a twisted scenario where volumes of historic and factual information are discovered, with the pace of discovery accelerating year after year, but the capacity, let us call it literacy level, to read the manuscripts diminishes at an equally rapid rate. Is such an illogical scenario possible? Yes!

Consider a simple detective story. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson go for a walk on an early London morning. There has been a light snowfall, which is still in progress, and as they cross an open and grassy park area, they observe tracks in the snow. “A large dog has passed through this park moments prior to our arrival” Holmes states. “Really” says Dr. Watson, “I don’t see a dog. Surely you are jumping to conclusions, Holmes, or letting your imagination play tricks on you”.

Now, instead of Holmes claiming, in typical British diplomatic style, that his observation is elementary, he could have said “Dr. Watson.  Have you blown a mental fuse? Since when have you become a supporter of “dumb before obvious”? Get your shit together and use your brain!”

We are blessed with amazing mental capacities and a huge aspect of using our capacity is putting specific factual observations together – clues – and then, given A and B and C and D and E and F, we can clearly predict and understand G. That is how intelligent minds get things done and progress. Elementary, my dear Dr. Watson!

Living entities leave tracks and clues. They can’t function without doing so. Any investigator / detective works on this fact. You may not see the dog nor the criminal nor the active agent, bad or good, but it is impossible for them to function without leaving some form of evidence that an observant and thinking mind can evaluate and analyse.

Now if you are so stupid as to write off clear evidence of some form of activity as inconsequential happenstance, well, your detective services will likely not be developing a positive reputation! Mysteries are not going to be solved!

If you happen to be one of the few people who has actually looked carefully at this website, you will be challenged to avoid realizing that there is an epidemic of Dr. Watson types (as per the type pictured in my current twisted example) who cannot follow Holme’s reasoning. This sad state of detective skill has become increasingly common over the last 150 years. At the same time, technical knowledge of our entire universe and life support system and ourselves, has mushroomed – in other words, “the amazing HOW”. But our clarity of understanding the “WHY” – has collapsed. Wild! Almost unbelievable! But the reason is crazy simple.

Any intelligent person knows that when you have a complex system made up of hundreds of complex subsystems, the absence of any one of which brings the larger system to non operation – someone or a group of minds with foresight and design and creative capacity has/have been involved.

And any intelligent person also knows that life is by the second or minute and any support system that doesn’t deliver the goods in that time frame is of no value. Terminated Life is gone - quickly - and permanently. Health services operate, by necessity, on this principle.  And even physical matter is expiry dated such that functional, non living systems exist by extended but very similar time sensitive rules.

Some evolution** enthusiasts have admitted that they play with Rudyard Kipling style “Just So Stories" but apply “Darwinian rigor” to their tales. ( see link to wikipedia – Just So Stories - see Lewis I. Held point under Evolutionary developmental biology heading ) Many current religionists have legitimately used the “Just So Story” concept to club evolutionists** over the head, but then lose credibility by taking a beating on their own similar weak points.
But the Most Impressive and seemingly “successful” “Just So Story” is the very concept of evolution** itself. Rigor on the part of Darwin or anyone else is insufficient to rectify stupid. The only way such a flight of fantasy could have swept the world was against a backdrop of equally shorted out theology and all the nightmare social conditions that resulted from that gong show. It happened. Here we are. But you have no obligation to the herd thinking, and bailing out of idiocy is so productive and exciting and helpful!  One shocking aspect of the situation is the simplicity of the error.  It is an "in your face" error!  It is simple AND BIG!  It is cushioned in time and by being recited a million times over generations.  And many people are locked down by being hung up on "it can't be this simple"!

If amateur detectives simply look at the incredibly complex and marvellous designs and structures and life realities that are under our noses and all around us, and embrace the obvious - that here is wall to wall evidence of a Super Mind and a Super Doer – a Super Designer – suddenly Sherlock can put A and B and C etc together and comprehend unseen facts that are a mystery to the Dr Watson types who can’t even visualize the stray dog!

Alright – do you think I am rambling? Put the points in this one essay together, and better yet, put the points I have hammered at in this entire website together, and let’s attack some pressing mysteries that I think The Boss is quite pleased for us to probe and to try to understand! Einstein didn’t come up with the Theory of Relativity with a single thought. Understanding is combining a string of evidence tidbits and by so doing, making an eventual leap ahead in understanding. Einstein was regarded as off the wall in his early days but gradually advances in the analysis of reality showed that his seemingly wild speculations were indeed accurate. His theoretic projections were supported by hard experiential evidence. He wasn’t a mystic. He was like Holmes – an observant and thoughful detective looking at evidence, combining points, and then being able to see the hidden “elementary”!

Time to shift gears and move slightly back to Johnny Good and the Nitro Methane reference!

What topic, in some form, impacts every mind of every person on earth, every day and perhaps every hour? This design feature of our world creates major motivation and turmoil and controversy and interest and joy and suffering and debate. It is like a huge spoon in the pot of soup that we all find ourselves floating in! It is a field of reality that is riddled with mysterious aspects. It is a field that has been extensively studied and analysed and documented. Its pervasive presence and multi subsystem construction shows it to be a design giant with such interwoven complexity that most people have trouble figuring out exactly how it works let alone understanding “Why”! Yet it attracts them like a moth to a flame. It sure would be helpful to have a clearer understanding how this facet of human life fits into the total package. It is a field that begs for a lot of “why” answers! It provides a mystery package on which to build a block buster Sherlock Holmes detective story!
The above interview of Paul Henderson gives the lead up to the Summit Series.  It illustrates how so many factors funnel into so many special moments.  I do feel that the situation illustrated here is an analogy of the life of just about every person.  We all have a purpose and a goal, even if we do not at this point comprehend it.  Life has ups and downs and exciting times where motivation is easy and down times where each person struggles to push on.  But ultimate victory at Life is simply accentuated by this inevitable progression. Henderson could hardly believe how circumstances unfolded for him.  It is my contention that his experience will be duplicated for the huge majority - arguably for everyone - who have a chance to be in The Big School!  Romance can be exhilarating as well as brutal, but I contend that we are being pressured to "fall in love with Life".  This essay is about that process.
This essay provides a explanation of how the two sex system dramatically impacts every thing we do.  It tries to explain the "why" of this pervasive arrangement and I feel provides a practical explanation that can be linked to numerous "spinoff" success principles.  The explanation path is potentially unique and is definitely a path that an average person can follow.  Theology and secular experts will find that the cages that they have been chased into will cut them off from the thought flow!  The struggle to put this material together has triggered radical changes in my own thinking, for the better, and may well do the same for anyone willing to seriously consider the angles that I cover.  Life has theoretical aspects and day to day, moment by moment aspects.  This essay takes that reality into account and delivers!  Once you follow the flow to its concussion and then reread the material, you will realize that the whole essay is linked to the central theme and that the introduction area is very relevant.
Nitro Methane can be described as a high power fuel that fires dramatic performance. A “motivational drug” title could be used accurately. My introduction pictures a racing car “high” on nitro methane! The fuel symbolizes high energy and high motivation.

And is there a high powered fuel or type of motivational drug that fires human society? And if you went hunting for “In the Zone”/ “Achievement Rush” / “Intense Living” examples involving small teams (as in teams of two), where would you find the largest grouping? Let’s narrow that hunt to an example involving massive volume and to a field with universal access to all individuals. Sex is where you will find something that can be described as “The Nitro Methane of Life”!

“We all know what makes the world go round” is a thought that can be pulled from a thousand songs.  An inspiring example can be sampled on the Seekers video link. The Biblical “Song of Solomon”, an age old embarrassment to prudish religionists, has the impressive title “Song of Songs”. The self title isn’t simply “A Song” but rather “The Song”! And it is hot with sex! I have commented elsewhere how current events, or writing, or songs seem to be inspired without any indication of intent by the individuals directly involved and how these gems often go unnoticed. “Keep Our Love Alive”, I feel, is a remarkable summary of “The Song of Solomon” - Pat Dahlquist's youtube link is provided.  The song was written by Paul Davis, bad grammar and all!  Life can easily be visualized as a heated love affair!  Existence involves emotion!

Why are there two, and just two, sexes? Why is sex drive so built into human existence? Why are there significant differences between men and women and why do those differences tend to be so stable over time? Why is marriage and pairing up such a “given” in the life of humans?

I think it accentuates the marvel by asking, why aren’t there three or four sexes or several breeds of creatures that are clearly of human calibre but yet really physically different and unable to breed with each other. Tigers and lions don’t normally cross-breed. Yet there is no barrier with humans. Racial identity has no effect with regard to the sexual divide. Why don’t you have a breed of human that is asexual and reproduces by a means that is totally unlike the universal method that we are all familiar with and accept as a given?

This standard but highly complex system is obviously designed and locked in and rather focused. There is a “Why”. Blather about natural selection** and survival of the fittest** is disconnected idiocy.  (If these pointed statements clash with your viewpoint, you had better do some uncluttered thinking.)  So what is the “Why”? What was and is The Designer up to? The Designer is unbelievably skilled as is illustrated by - - - “everything” - - - and it is hard to believe that this major design feature is simply a childish whim of an obvious Mastermind!

The complexity of the “WHY!?” question is huge. I have been puzzling over it for years and making notes for years and it is agony to try to write about the topic simply because every observation and statement one generates forces one to look deeper and realize that the topic has a staggering number of interconnected facets. The analysis and statements and expansions on the topic could go on forever. The reason I want to stab at the topic is that I am convinced that there is a general “Why” and even if there are hundreds of threads or facets to that “Big Why”, the more humans puzzle on the topic the more gold the mining process yields.

The challenge reminds me of hikes I have been on where the goal is to climb a mountain – in my case, a rather small mountain. But any mountain climb has the same effect. From a distance you can see that the mountain has a distinct peak. The basic goal of the climb is distinct. But as you get up close and start the actual climb, ahead you can see what looks like a peak, but when you get there and top that rise, more of the mountain still looms ahead. Each rise and hump on the mountain’s side appears to the perspective of the tiny climber to be a type of summit with sky behind it. And due to the upward push, each vertical foot gained is major work. Time and again this illusion presents itself. The bigger the mountain, the longer the process goes on. And the “two sex” issue is a Big Mountain!

It is a reality that efforts to climb Big Mountains have traditionally taken many attempts. Early climbers learn lessons on general strategy and learn lessons on routes that are easy or difficult or impossible. This information is passed on to others and eventually the summit is scaled. Every effort adds to the potential for ultimate success. I am taking my kick at the cat! This is a monster. I may be pushing on one or several deadend routes – but I am pushing. And I am totally confident that there is a brilliant “Why” involved. The distinct summit is visible from the long view. Working out the details of the climb are the challenge. Recognizing that there is a “Why Mountain” is the first step and getting the details of that issue sorted out is the challenge.

Again, a bit of a flip back to earlier statements;  to live successfully, we need to understand how the game of life is organized.  If you don't understand the principles and mechanisms, how can you play effectively?  The game isn't happenstance.  There is a Game Designer and there are "why answers".  And given that the two sex system is so major, how can anyone hope to play the game well if they are ignorant on the "why" aspects of this huge facet of life?

My "why" attack, I feel is somewhat unique in that I am convinced that we are dealing with a type of artificial scenario. There is a Scenario Designer and it is clear that He talks to human kind in many ways. I hold to the view that the Bible is the vital written, and proven, manual provided by the Designer and that this book provides vital material in the quest. But I also feel that the physical environment we find ourselves in is also a vital information source and that assembling clues from both sources is the route to balanced understanding and solid progress. So often, humans tend to look for knowledge clues in either the Bible or the physical world and don’t try to harmonize the information. And historic circumstances, I feel, have tended to polarize the two approaches, creating an unfortunate breakdown in the quest to scale the “Why Mountain”.  We are all up against the challenge and cooperation achieves more than war!

I think that most Bible oriented folk can see that the two sex design feature and the associated marriage concept have numerous Biblical analogy explanations but I feel they tend, to varying degrees, to overlook a common sense, - day in -day out - impact that may provide a much greater immediate appreciation than the symbolic analogies. Say an average person is unimpressed with the chaotic and strife ridden world of religion – not a crazy viewpoint. How are they impacted by the sexual divide and the “nitro methane energy” of sex drive which is always on the scene even when the religious voices are off line?

And I don’t want to downplay Biblical analogies. So often these analogies illustrate thought angles of the Designer that are vital to a complete appreciation of exactly what is going on. Intentional analogies are loaded with clues that are amazingly helpful in clarifying mysteries of the day to day world!

But get this straight. If you don’t think there is a Super Designer, you are off the beam and those holding that viewpoint won’t have reached the point of reading these words anyway. There is a Super Designer. That is an obvious “given” that your simple, conscious existence proves – a simple existence that springs from the amazing sexual divide! And appreciation of the marvels of the two sex system is impossible if you do not recognize that fact.

My frustration in confronting this essay is, where do I start? How do I avoid rambling on details as I struggle for a summary statement? So my decision is to try to state some summary statements first and then to try to fill in my reasons for feeling the broad statements are accurate.

Sex drive pushes us in the direction of a stable marriage and we get on a natural escalator that impacts our individual development greatly. Sex isn’t a static force. It is almost like a type of dynamic cattle chute that moves and guides us along a process. In conjunction with the pressure of sex attraction, it is vital to appreciate that there is a difference between men and women. Failure to appreciate this fact leads to buying into mental programming that fights against the designed, imprinted system and assures eventual disaster. The imprinted system is there for a reason.  Ignoring or trying to alter that natural system is like being brainwashed that oil changes are not needed in your car or that it is wise to use dish detergent in your radiator. Buying into principles that don’t work is a freedom that we are given along with Life, but getting things right the first time is so much easier and less painful!

Here is my take; The reason for the two sex design feature likely is related to the system nature of Life – LIFE is a BIG System – appreciating that fact is HUGE . We are created entities but we aren’t created as a pack of separate, totally independent individuals. We are all connected as physical organisms as well as living personalities, and interpersonal connection is critical for the “God is One” system to work. It appears that the two sex scenario is a temporary stage that will not exist in the future, which makes the current pattern all the more interesting. We are God’s children and we are headed towards an integrated future of personal freedom combined with the capacity to be “good company” for everyone else including God. We have to learn how to connect – not a simple matter for large groups to achieve. That is a major or perhaps The major educational area that exists if sustainable life is to be achieved. Bad ass disruptors and system bunglers have to get their “connection act” together without morphing into sterile robots. Connection to God is number 1 and connection to other humans is number 2 and these vital connections need to be perfected while retaining a positive “creative zip” that defines each distinct individual. The Bible, as well as common sense, drive home this basic reality and necessity.  It could be humanly argued that we seem to be dealing with an impossible challenge!  But the School Boss seems confident!

The current two sex system is an educational tool designed by the Boss. The split in capabilities between men and women and the sex drive that pressures them to get together, drives the educational tool. It is difficult to stand around and do nothing! The “difference” exists and the hormone winds of reality blow strong, and both sides of the divide do their part to confront the relentless blast! And the resulting generational parade is impacted for better or worse by the wisdom or folly of those ahead in the line. The trick then is to understand the system and to work with it. It is a bit like a mechanic being presented with a box of parts but not knowing what to do with the parts. The parts of themselves aren’t of much value, but if they are correctly assembled and used properly, wow, we have a McLaren racing car, capable of dramatic performance, or, if the mechanic is ailing that day, we may have a Monday morning disaster special, or if the mechanic is slack and stupid, we may have a simple ox cart.  Even that creation may be of good or bad quality!

What is marriage? What is sex drive? What are the characteristics of men vs women? How do the differences exist and relate and why?

Marriage is vital in order to make the two sex system work over generations. If you don’t have this small but stable commitment unit, the pleasantly exciting system isn’t going to endure and the lessons that the system is designed to teach, aren’t going to be learned in the easiest and most effective way. Scrap, ignore, or misuse the system and learning will still occur but not without a lot of painful blunder shocks. And the shocks show up like a hail storm with a different weight and a different name linked to each of the hail stones, some of which are huge! - One basic area of blundering and an amazing variety of frightful results!

The Boss knows what works and if we didn’t have His Operations Manual, we would be in puzzling and hopeless trouble – and the effective turfing out of knowledge of the Boss as well as The Manual, in recent years, has a connection to the unhappy state of marriage, sexual identity confusion, scrambled youth, depression, suicide, drug abuse, health issues, crime, economic chaos, national friction hazards, and general social instability, worldwide. Even the global warming and climate change concern can be seen as having a link to the “sex split / marriage principles” issue.  

Indeed, we are in trouble and heading downhill rapidly. Getting shorted out on basic knowledge is aiming us for total physical destruction from multiple possible angles! And the two sex design involves a great deal of basic knowledge. It appears we are in free fall and the only hand on the parachute rip cord is the hand of the Boss. It is not a reassuring situation if you hold the belief that the Boss is not patient and kind – and a brilliant forward thinker, very much in control of our fragile lives! And if you think the Boss is non-existent – that is not only part of the problems but is also a depressing, seeming assurance, of a dead end road for yourself and the rest of humanity.

And just as it is an unusual fact of human existence, that no one holds all the cards – no one is a super being with incredible strengths and no faults - so mankind is split into two interdependent groups, neither one of which is self sufficient. To make this educational tool work, a lot of interpersonal skill is required, and sex drive motivates individuals to at least make stabs at trying to achieve quality cooperation.  The Bible provides lots of major advice on the topic but some people, myself included, do not feel that that is quite enough.

For “Big Things” to happen, be it humans perfecting flight or keeping economies running smoothly or having quality food on the table, effective interaction between personalities is vital. Again, no one has all the cards and we need lots of card combinations in order to make Big Things happen. Systems of Individuals are required to create functional “Big Things” (ie the Ag Industry) that accomplish Big Things (ie produce ample, quality food). Even a man with a manufactured hoe and a roadside produce stand represents a simple system. The road and the nails and the wood in the stand, and the currency used to buy the food, are all illustrations of the reality of interlocked systems and shout that no man is an island.

So, in a way, simple, successful business dealings and research and development projects have many similarities to effective marriages. Mastering interpersonal connections is a constant challenge and again, the fires of sexual attraction force us into a high power and high quality training arena – as in "guy / gal units".

The “circle of love” is a great term that can describe the interaction between romantically involved personalities. The kindly and wise action of one personality triggers reciprocal response from a second personality and the cyclical flow of positive actions builds an increasingly stable, solid, and effective, ongoing reality. Hormones pressurize and lubricate the flow. The term “Relational Capital” could be applied. Familiarity and trust and creative concern and habitual stability are aspects. Laws or principles are involved. Right and wrong are involved. Fairness and unfairness are involved. Actions that work or don’t work are involved. Habit formation, good or bad, is involved. And the success principles involved in a romantic situation are not all that different from cyclical connections in a broader social context. Positive conduct and interaction triggers reciprocal action and a cyclical spiral builds upwards. Negative conduct, actions that destroy, application of negative principles – tend to create a cyclical spiral downwards. Winners learn what works and enjoy the long term results. Blundering losers eventually take a kicking that is not pleasant. The cream eventually rises to the top. The losers eventually crash.

So what I see is an ingenious system where every person is provided with a personal scale educational setting where they are pressured to, and given, the fabulous opportunity to apply essential principles required if one is to achieve Sustainable Life. Sustainable Life is a system. It is individuality within a larger stable framework. It is a complex issue. It involves moving from initial nothingness to embryonic immaturity to Everything. It involves essential education. And the “two sex / marriage system” is a designed tool. It is a brilliantly designed, high quality tool that has the potential to advance that constructive process.

An important aspect of being a created personality with total freedom is the option of using gifts as we individually see fit. Sex and marriage, as gifts and tools, can be used or abused. When you do anything, principles or laws are involved and what works, works. We learn from our effective utilization or disregard of principles. We learn from the effective utilization or disregard of principles by others. We are in the Big School and the overall system is so effectively designed that simply being in the School moves us forward even during seeming setbacks. This overall website plugs that amazing feature of the Big School. It appears to be almost impossible to be a total loser in the long term! All sorts of clues point to that being a fact. We are here compliments of a generous Master Designer and the proponents of an "Ogre - I’ll nail you to the wall” God are ignoring clues and realities and usually focusing on short term, orphaned "facts".

Appreciating the potential of the two sex divide and the potential of the marriage arrangement, and learning how to make the created machine sing, is the high ground on the educational road of Life! So much better to be a winner than a loser!

I have been involved in a business where I have been able to watch many twelve year olds gradually grow up through wild teen years and eventually marry and have children. It is quite incredible to see how so many immature and rather spinny minds change as sexual attraction does its number on them, careers and children and parental motivations cut into the individual’s life, and the total gradual process rubs their minds in the hard and solid realities of Life. I have often thought, how can a ditzy kid’s mind become so refined and noble? The School System is a marvel!  I would personally hate to have to get by, indefinitely, with my former 12 yr old brain!

So, there is my quick and dirty take on the situation and having nailed up that framework, I feel I have a place to hang the pots and pans as I assemble my thoughts on describing the most efficient “Life Kitchen” that I can currently visualize! I have lots of observations that hopefully will help others to wander through the kitchen and have ideas on how good things can be cooked up, given the amazing, multifacet tool that we have been given to work with.  The "spinoff" pots and pans are exciting and so useful in cooking up good things!

Now a link back to my introduction; anything you “Do” requires a goal and planning and following principle or rules or laws that work. Doing is Life! And Doing such that positive goals are achieved and you advance and are better off in time because of your “doing” is pleasant and satisfying and what Life is all about. And Doing with a goal that leads to a Win is one with the concept of “being in the zone” followed by “achievement rush” – a milestone gem of Life.

The sexual relationship is something that is available on a wide scale to just about everyone and provides a high intensity and often repeated “in the zone / achievement rush” experience.  But keeping that exciting environment functioning at a high level over extended time is not simple.  No matter how exciting a situation is initially, familiarity changes one’s mindset and wise adaptation to the Life flow scenario is part of the game and of the vital process we are in.  Two parties are involved and the circle of love is a two unit flow that either party can block.  If you can figure out the principles to make that grass roots team experience flourish, you will have learned the main principles of making any relational connection work in the long run. The students in the Big School don’t have to share a single computer or take turns using the school’s only pen during writing class. Everyone gets to utilize the Life Simulator Tool on a very individual and personal level.

Not everyone can be on a drag racing team or on a National Hockey team or in some complex, world scale project or competition. Not everyone wants to be! But the two sex / marriage tool lets just about everyone in the Big School have a high tech experience and all the switches and buttons on the control panel are there for each student to experiment with! We all have a world class quality experience that is scaled for us, personally.

Life is amazingly integrated and opportunity to learn and excel at the essential basics is open to everyone – rich or poor.

But almost all human endeavour, with its “In the Zone / Rush” aspect is highly impacted by the two sex / hormone fired divide. Truly, sex is the Nitro Methane of Life. You need the engine and the wheels – the fuel isn’t the only element – but who can be blind to the way that sexual motivation permeates and empowers everything that humans “Do”!  A cup of coffee in the morning to get the mind rolling is nothing compared to the constant exposure to the Nitro Methane of Life!

I do feel that the concepts of seeing one’s self as being a Sherlock Holmes type detective in combination with appreciation that the Bible and the entire Creation Reality are the work of a single Living Super Mind, provide an exciting path for anyone out to explore and learn about Life. Getting a read on the Super Mind is the source of understanding the vital questions of “WHY”. The job of looking for clues and assembling them to solve mysteries is exciting and fruitful. The brilliant Longfellow poem encapsulates the situation so well;

And Nature, the old nurse, took the child upon her knee, saying ‘Here is a story book Thy Father has written for thee. Come wander with me into regions yet untrod, and read what is still unread, in the manuscripts of God!’

The Nitro Methane of Life, the two sex divide, sexual attraction, and activity in a marriage environment is a moment by moment living analogy of each individual’s relationship with his or her Creator. This isn’t nebulous fluff – it is “in your face practical reality”! The higher the level of success achieved by the team of two, evaluated from both sides of the sexual divide, the closer those two individuals will be to each having the potential of connecting in a positive way with any other similarly educated human. The huge System of Life has been replicated on a personal scale by a Genius Educator! Hmmm – should be lots to learn! Should be a highly applicable and useful educational gold mine! Every second, every minute, every hour, every day – Life is in our faces!

This essay is a tree trunk with multiple branches to explore.  Or as mentioned, a kitchen pan rack with multiple hangers.  It is January 11, 2020.  I will likely end this page here but I am excited about hammering out other productions that expand on the marvels of the two sex system.

The utilization of the "two sex / marriage" tool is in a current dive but I question whether it has ever been effectively utilized on a broad scale.  Some super examples must exist over time, but they are isolated.  Performance definitely has seen a wide spread of quality levels.  But the feature is Huge and it is here for all of us to explore!

Another Seekers song where the term "Circle of Love" is used.  The group never appeared to have a conventional theology interest but a lot of their songs can be seen as promoting a "human/God" relationship with what I see as an amazing degree of accuracy.
Nitro Methane actually has less energy per kg than regular gasoline but it has other characteristics that allow racing engines to use it for short periods of time to generate a huge power boost.  Consider how society is fired up in so many ways by sex hormones.  We generally cruise on 'gasoline' but on a fairly regular basis the 'nitro fuel' is introduced and Life Happens!  And between major events, the memory and expectation aura is always there.  If you were the Designer of Life, you could have had a straw boss walking around kicking humans into action when they slacked off - or you could have designed the sexual divide and hormones.  The second approach is classier and far more interesting! 
This is a bit of a digression but consider how sports are so universally popular.  Sport events are artificial scenario games that humans design - in a way, miniatures of the Big Game of Life. There are rules and a goal and usually teams in competition. Players find it easy to get "in the zone" and "achievement rush" is a regular occurrence.  Lessons abound! No wonder sports are popular! It could be argued that many people who are into sports get hooked on adrenaline.  This addiction could be seen as applying to players, or to fans who are simply watching teams play.  Short term escapism can be suspect in many cases.  Huge "life systems" build up around a sport.  And the impact on individuals may not be good.

In the grand scheme of Life, are sports good or bad? In the Big School, "doing" anything has some type of value.  But each individual has to chart a course and there is a broad range of "life management" skill on record.  Life is "doing". Sports are "doing".  Each person needs to ask; Is my "doing" simply using time or is it moving me towards "Sustainable Life"?  One individual may use a sport as an effective tool and another individual may use a sport simply as a time killer.
Continuing on with my digression, pictured above is Robert Enke, a top German soccer goalie who, at a point in his career where he seemed to have it all, threw himself in front of a train.  Buttons link to articles on Robert and on depression in sports (but depression can occur anywhere so the sport article can be read in a much broader sense).  A famous stress researcher summarized his life studies on avoiding stress by saying "Strive to do what you are capable of and don't try to do more than you are capable of." Sometimes upbringing and circumstance and obvious or unintentional blunders and simply not understanding what Life is about, can over-ride this stress advice.  Life, in some minds, can become worse than death - sad - and a terrible waste.  This website does not reflect the thinking of the majority of humans, but it should and I believe will.  And in the simple points that I hammer at, there is an antidote for depression and suicide.  When you have Life on the table, in the form it is being offered in, being fooled on its value, is a dramatic short term blunder. Earlier I talked about "Bozo Barricades" blinding a person to Reality, and suicidal thinking is one of these walls.  Robert could easily have had a mind that probed deeper than average, but he didn't probe quite far enough.  Life is bigger than "a sport" or a few setbacks!  And it is good to clearly appreciate that fact prior to running into a cloudy day.  A sunny day always lies ahead, but some fail to arrive at that good time - at least not as soon as they could!
Consider how a sport can be compared to the "two sex" system.  I would contend that both can be seen as educational tools.  Also they both can be seen as designed scenario games of Life.  They both are systems made up of a combination of multiple components.  The whole makes no sense without the sum of the components and any one component is somewhat meaningless if separated from the total system.  At the core of all this activity are Living human minds that interact within the designed scenario.  The systems are dynamic with a vital history, a present, and a future - and are somewhat meaningless if viewed as a static "current" snapshot.

Consider baseball.  The game has been designed and refined over many years by creative minds.  Children have observed it and grown up with it.  The game lives off the intrinsic desire of living humans to have a goal, to enjoy being "in the zone" and achieving an "achievement rush".  No need to somehow develop that natural characteristic.  And there is a social aspect.  Put a somewhat oriented kid on the plate with a bat and a ball and a pitcher and a catcher and ask yourself "Is this kid going to suddenly drift off to sleep?"  Is there concern that the whole team will suddenly decide it is siesta time?

Consider components of the system; the rules, the field, the score board, the benches, the spectator stands, the bat, the ball, the gloves, the bases, the playing positions, the heroes, the stats.  And how do you describe the value of any one component without outlining the total system?  Life is a system.  The game is a system.  We live in a sea of interacting systems.  If anything is happening, systems are involved. And systems are designed. And the Master System that incorporates all other systems is the System of Life - and that comes compliments of The Designer Boss. A sport has an attraction.  And once you are in, you are often hooked and educational impact is assured!
On the day of the championship game, take away all the balls and  - - - - perhaps a riot!  Is that insignificant little ball part of a system?!  
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The "two sex" scenario game, just like the ball game, is a marvel of design with multiple system components, any one of which has little meaning apart from the whole.  Motivated education is the name of the game!  Some of the vital components are built into each player - players come in two basic types and when they get to the right age and come into contact with each other, they tend to automatically form small teams. Little humans result and as soon as a little human is born, natural, programmed processes automatically pressure the parents into becoming vital and mature manager/teachers. And the teachers learn as much or more than the students. Now, because of the vital feature of personal freedom, and the freedom of an entire society to juggles the rules of the game, and even personal attitudes, the automatic parental concern and potential educational competence may rise or fall over time.  While the world of baseball is a bit dictatorial when it comes to rules and conduct, the world of the "two sex" game allows considerably more personal freedom and sometimes teams need to fight against prevailing or collapsing norms in order to make their personal game run successfully!  Solid success is also measured over a long period of time.  Good performance shows up in little students who grow up with greater skill at the game than their parent/teachers - bad performance equates into a society on the skids.  Herd control process is very real and may be a positive or negative force.

A marvel of the "game/educational tool", is how sexual attraction dovetails into the dramatically educational experience of guiding helpless little humans to competent success.  And meanwhile, the initial team members are put through a boot camp experience that allows them to develop competence at getting along with other living personalities outside of their own little team.  Failure within the team is not good news for long term success outside the team.  As pointed out elsewhere, it is a lot less painful to learn from the mistakes of others than it is to learn from your own mistakes, so the wise make use of their scenario opportunity and experience the high road on their journey of Life!  Why are there two sexes? Why is there sexual attraction?  Exciting and motivated education and living is the bottom line!  We are here to learn if we plan to hang in with Life, and Nitro Methane is a major fuel additive that fires up the project!  Just remember - High speed is okay and great fun, but drive wisely, attentively, and carefully!
The Nitro Methane of Life fires the players into a Game Process!
The Seeker's "Whistling Gypsy" can easily be seen as a portrayal of the Creator on a romantic mission to influence mankind to fall in love with Life.  The two sex system with its sexual attraction feature is a "designed, analogy loaded educational feature" with immediate and long term impacts.  Anyone who sees themselves as an atheist and a God-hater has a frustrating and difficult road to negotiate - the "Enemy" is everywhere from all that you see to the hormones that flow in you to the senses that let you know what you are doing and that you Exist!
An associate, recently, was commenting on how Richard Dawkins' critical view of the Biblical example of Abraham moving towards killing his own son, had impacted his thinking. Dawkins ( The God Delusion - 2006) felt this Biblical material is scandalous.  I was struck by how Dawkins' reaction is so typical of people, perhaps early evolutionists** are also examples, who see the obvious horrors of religion**, combine that with a relative ignorance of the Bible, and then form inflexible opinions that could be labelled as childish and ignorant.  The Bible has many obvious characteristics that establish credibility, that take minimal skill to detect, plus a complexity that is loaded with dramatic insights that only become obvious with study and familiarity.  The surface clout should soften up any cynical yet probing mind and open the way to a somewhat humble consideration of potential value.  This option is available to all!
A very small scale theology personality who I had the good fortune to come in contact with was a man named Jim Rector. Rector had had links to the defunct Worldwide Church of God but recognized its major failings early on and got clear, but did not let his negative experiences kill his interest in theology. WW had certain redeeming features, as do so many religious movements, and Rector didn't throw the baby out with the bath water, a common response for so many people who get burned by religious groups.  Rector generated audio tapes and articles advancing his views for several years.  He died of cancer at a fairly young age but prior to his death he was worked over by critics for plagiarizing other people's material and not acknowledging that he was doing so.  I would agree, and it puzzles me why he did this, but unlike WW operators, at least he didn't brag up that HE was God's agent and had a monopoly on Truth.  This I feel strongly on;  Rector could say more in an hour than most speakers could say in ten hours AND he had a skill at seeing interrelating analogies in the Bible. Richard Dawkins isn't even on the scale with regard to this capacity. Once Rector stated his case and laid down the reasons for his views, it was difficult to forget the points.  If only he had acknowledged his material sources he could have billed himself as a "reader's digest" of theology material.  Thankfully much of his classic material is still readily available.
A topic that I feel Rector saw accurately, and in this case he acknowledged that he had picked the core up from a friend, is the topic of the two trees discussed in the Biblical account of the Garden of Eden.  It could well be that many people hold this view, but in my case, I came across it via Jim Rector.  If you have an interest in the topic, and any human should, eye the Rector link and read his two articles on "the two trees".  They are fairly long.  If you take my advice you will be in exclusive territory.  I doubt that many have read these papers.  A pity.  The radical aspect is that Rector uses analogies from different sections of the Bible to support the view that the "Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil" represented the stone tablets of the Ten Commandments that were stored in the Arc of the Covenant.  The Tree of Life was represented by the "rod that budded" which in turn represented the Grace of God and Faith in the Messiah. Now that view has got to get under the skin of many law and order enthusiasts!
But, if this view is accurate, the implication for understanding marriage dynamics, government, the smooth functioning of society, technology, and the existence threatening mess that mankind seems to have worked itself into, is dramatic.  Here is a grass roots bombshell! Here is another example of Devine advice being thrown to the wind with the surprising, to mankind at least, result that physical reality, as predicted, does a number on the deaf hearers.  The "hard logic of experience" supports the theory as to the meaning of a simple Devine advisory statement.

What could possibly be wrong with understanding the difference between good and evil?  Surely this capacity is exactly what any living being needs to function effectively.  Why does it appear that mankind was advised to avoid the tree on threat of death?  And how could the "gold standard" Ten Commandments possibly be linked to this warning?  Seems bizarre!

Stepping back, I feel that this angle is an example of where a respect for the Bible as being inspired by THE God combined with years of study of The Book provides a vital insight into the the dynamics of Life that no one is likely to appreciate via any other learning route - certainly not without a lot of pain.  Richard Dawkins and others with a similar "anti-God outlook" slam their door on essential revelation and will have to wait to reap the available benefits.  True "Religion" vs junk religion** and True Evolution vs junk evolution** illustrate solid Facts of Life!  Bullshit doesn't cut it!  Clear vision does!
Rector goes on to advance the following thinking; - - - - - - - - - Obviously the problem isn't avoiding knowing right and wrong. The mistake that needs to be avoided is getting the order of approach wrong.  Adam and Eve apparently didn't go near the Tree of Life at all prior to "kicking God in the First Commandment" and opting to immediately graft into the Tree of K-G&E.  The Boss was not impressed with the blatant disregard of orders and the pair got their walking papers.  Rector points out how Paul, in the New Testament, seems to blast relying on legal angles as a route to salvation yet also seems to be pro-law.  Hmmm!  Rector produced an audio tape that is available as an MP3 on the RectorLibrary site called "Religion or Life".  I assume he produced the tape around the time that he put the Two Trees articles together.  The angle he plugs is that human centered "legal excellence" cannot deliver what is needed to achieve sustainable life. Only a type of connection with the Living Life Giver can deliver the goods.  But that fact doesn't negate laws.
I toss in a story about how Japanese people are so organized and clean on a grass roots level.  It is a system issue.  The amazingly positive national performance in this area goes back hundreds of years and has theology and common sense links.  Note how William Adams, in 1600, was able to compare the details of two worlds. Consider how the Japanese were so advanced when it came to something as simple as basic hygiene vs the Europeans who suffered all sorts of "filth" problems due to their mass attitude towards this simple topic.  The story shows how herd thinking can be good for maintaining either good or bad principles.  And it illustrates how many simple concepts can lie dormant and ignored yet so obvious, and the benefits of adopting them for their benefits is delayed. I cringe to think about not having central heating and hot shower facilities and a septic system in my Cdn home!  And I feel we are looking at some simple concepts that are similar in that benefits are available but the concepts aren't appreciated and the delay of the associated payoff is tragic!
Why do I inject the coverage of Dark Matter?  Because it illustrates how mankind can get by in rather remarkable form while being shockingly ignorant.  We can deploy proven developments like cell phones and the internet and gps while not being able to account for where 80%+ of the matter of the universe is hiding!  Charles Kettering accurately stated "If we had to run ourselves on what we know about ourselves, we couldn't do it." What an ultra advanced educational system we live in - we are little children freely living in the wild - it is amazing the perks we can tap into and goof around with while at the same time it is remarkable that we are able to have such risky fun, yet survive.  Thoughtful humility may be in order!
Case out these stories on murmurations.  There are factors at work here that no one fully understands.  How do the flocks coordinate?  (Reality shows that they do coordinate! Look at the obvious! No evidence of broken wings and chain reaction crash scenes!) Humans, with great effort, have identified some simple control principles that may be helpful in avoiding collisions but how huge flocks deal with predators both on the ground and in the air, how they seem to be able to exchange information, how they coordinate taking off and landing, and how they integrate with oncoming waves of birds, are mysteries.  It is as if a few types of birds, on demand, have a capacity to snap their brains into a single integrated control system.  One of the Youtube presentations claims to have answers but the pitch is like a feeble argument that gyroscopes, wind speed indicators, and an abacus can explain the precision of cruise missile capability.  Get real. Admit that a large % of the "how" of the spectacle is unknown not to mention the "why"!
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I want to mention two more personalities who have a similarity to William Adams in that they crashed in on "primitive circumstances" and got an eye full of valuable information on effective physical living.  Sir Robert McCarrison and Sir Albert Howard both spent considerable time in third world areas, McCarrison in the medical field and Howard in the agricultural field.  Howard attributed his vocational education to "the peasants and the pests" in that he was able to evaluate age old agricultural practices and also was observant as to what glitches showed up to give farmers a headache - indicating a blunder in basic practice. He lived with the belief that any system that had lasted as long as the earth, was designed and designed to work well in the long term.  McCarrison observed remarkable health performance in cultures he confronted that caused him to recoil when he had to deal with the sad state of affairs in "more developed" countries like England and America. Both these men stated obvious recommendations in the 1920s to 1940s and were largely ignored despite their high professional status at the time - circumstantial forces smothered their impact.  In recent times, a small number of people have resurrected them as "saints" and their images have been used in promotions by "dollar driven health cult generals".  Some renewed interest is positive and solid and I do feel both men were sincere researchers with much to offer.  In a world drowned in false and twisted news, it is helpful to realize that these boys, without modern spin treatment, were wise, good guys with lessons to learn from.
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Here is the crunch.  We are Sparks of Life, individual, free, but dependent on being able to interrelate with other Sparks in a manner that neither unduly inhibits us nor creates problems for anyone else.  Existence is "doing" and "doing" involves utilizing laws - physical laws and spiritual laws.  Everything that "happens" is determined with principles or laws.  People get along well only because they can be trusted and don't lie.  That can be seen as a spiritual / Life connected law.  Cell phones work consistently because huge numbers of physical laws are understood and applied.  Law, be it spiritual or physical, is law, and laws are interconnected.  The mass of law is wildly large.  But each of us is very tiny and limited and the environment we exist in is so huge and complex and we really don't have a hope of being able to keep track of all the legal angles - angles which change constantly due to our very existence and activities, individually and as a human group.  It is a miracle that we can survive a day and perhaps we do survive only due to oversight by an invested Parent.  The lessons of advanced physics and the quest for the understanding of Dark Matter illustrate the point. The skill mankind has illustrated at striving for peace while speeding towards increasingly troubling levels of ultimate warfare illustrate the point.  A project as simple as the plastic bag was invented as a reusable conservation measure.  How could the inventor have foreseen the resulting problems?  Who is responsible for the current plastic bag problems?  Life is complex.
In the Garden of Eden, God could have said, "Look Kids, the world out there is a jungle.  Don't go out there without Me.  I can guide you to good things and keep you out of harm's way.  Go on your own and you will eventually die.  It's a big world and you are just tiny children."  He knew that they had been given the capacity, as an eventual society, to achieve remarkable things but He had already set up the Big School along with its immunization feature.  He knew that the kids, for the most part, would ignore His help and eventually hit the wall.  We are likely seeing the end game being thrashed out, but freedom is there for the herd and for the individual.  Pick your personal moves!
So how do you escape the herd mentality?  How do you utilize the Tree of Life prior to confronting the challenges of the Tree of the K_G&E?  In a world where everyone seems to hold a few cards but no one holds all the cards, how do you assemble a winning hand?  In a world overflowing with false and twisted news and information, how do you sort out the good from the bad?  You really can't do much of anything without flying in formation, the small marriage squadron of two being the simplest example so, to assure a lack of crashes or lost partners, is there some "murmuration" principle that is available to humans as well as to some types of birds?

I am out of space.  Check out Page 29!
Check out some of the pots and pans digressions on Page 29 and I will try to add to as well as tie both the main story as well as the sidebar stories, together further than I have already done. The Big School is a multifaceted / multilayer marvel and anywhere you probe you are going to find an endless collection of connected threads.  Life is huge and there is endless information in the Manuscripts of God that is waiting to be read!
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