How would you describe the object pictured below?
The Analogy Paradise
I would describe it as an onion.  - - - -  Why? 

I am using an analogy.  I am comparing the earth to a well known food item that happens to have certain characteristics that I feel are shared by the unique blue gem that is home to you and I, and to onions.

I contend that, as far as I am aware, everything we see on the gem and around the gem, is in fact “an analogy”.  “Reality” is actually not visible.  But the interwoven complexity of the myriad analogies that we are immersed in, tell about an underlying reality.  And the analogies themselves are formed into layers, just as an onion has layers.  The educational material at hand appears to be infinite.  Peel back one analogical layer and another detailed layer lies beneath.  And an understanding of each layer leads to a greater understanding of "Reality"!

We live in an Analogy Paradise!  And no matter what one's lot in life is, each of us is incredibly fortunate to be experiencing the mind bending opportunity!  "Life" is no small matter!  "Life" in the Analogy Paradise is like having a birthright scholarship to the world's best university!

Amazingly, the Analogy Paradise appears to have its historic story, and operation manuals, and “help files” built into its very structure.  One could view the internet as simply a “come lately” copied analogy – perhaps a copied analogy of an analogy!

Enough said here.  I feel that I can present a good and simple argument for my views, but I will do that starting on a separate page.  That page hits the issue from a slightly different angle. 

And, of course, the different angle is simply another layer – another Analogy!